The Aries Babies

Aries babies often come into the world quiet and self-possessed. Then, one day, they discover their vocal chords and out come the showstoppers.  Get the sparkly costumes ready: your Aries may beg to audition for the kids’ episode of “Star Search” Even if they don’t have aspirations for the limelight, they will still need plenty of attention, especially from their favorite adult. Because Aries is a masculine sign, many of them tend to favor their fathers. Active and energetic, you’ll have to keep an eye on them when they first learn to walk or they could dash right out the front door. They are also accident-prone and may bump their heads more easily than other kids. Childproofing the house is essential. When it comes to eating, Aries is picky, preferring to eat the same food over and over for days.


* Aries rules the mind, so start them early with challenging puzzles and educational games.

* Boy Aries are the brutes of the zodiac, so give them soft toys to punch and pound on.

* Fast-moving Aries has a need for speed. They’ll love toy race cars and fire engines, especially in their favorite color: red.

* Fashionable Aries loves to play dress up. Get them their own costumes and stage-makeup, or they could wind up raiding your room.

* Independent and temperamental, your Aries will need time alone. Let them retreat into their private space and don’t force them to play with other kids when they’re in their moods.

* With other kids, Aries likes to be the boss. They are natural leaders and will organize their peers into games and adventures. Girl Aries, especially, can wind up being a Bossy Betsy. Socializing them with slightly older kids can help them learn to have fun, even when they’re not in charge.

Parenting Tips:

* Competitive Aries loves a prize. Clap and cheer when they achieve something great. Reward them occasionally, but not EVERY time or they can become demanding.

* As the zodiac’s divas, they can throw world-class temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. Teach them to accept the word “no” as early as you can.

* With siblings, Aries is protective and loyal. Your Ram may take on the role of “freedom fighter,” when you try to impose discipline on your other kids. Remind them who’s boss or they’ll think they’re running the show.

* As much as possible, try to speak to your Aries’ intelligence. These whip-smart kids like to understand the reasoning behind everything and will cooperate if you talk to them as “equals.”

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