Aries This Month

April 2021 will not be the simplest of life stages for the sign of Aries, however, the representatives of this sign have all the chances to not only maintain the positions they have, but also gain new ones. The thing is that Saturn, the Ruler of the Celestial Rivers of Time, in his usual position is responsible for the fall of the Aries sign, but will currently radically change the polarity of his energetic emanations. He will turn into a trusty ally from a fierce enemy. At the same time, Mars – the planet-ruler of Aries, will significantly raise the dynamic of his positive energetic waves due to general celestial combinations. Meanwhile, Venus – responsible for the expulsion of the representatives of this sign, will maintain her classic position, although her energy will clearly fall short of penetrating the energetic shield that was built by Mars. However, the Sun will have enough strength and sadly, being the exalt of Aries, this light will cause an exclusively destructive influence on the lives of the representatives of this sign. The solar negativity will most likely be defining during this period, however, we should not forget Saturn, who is also quite strong during this month.

Overall, the sphere of finances and entrepreneurship will bring the Aries enough of unique possibilities in April 2019 (due to the direct influence of Mercury, the “celestial leader” of the Fire trigon). However, the implementation of these possibilities will be unlikely due to the strong solar energy that was mentioned above. So what should you do? First, concentrate on the two-three of the current problems, no more. You do not have an exalt right now, which means that you do not have an inflow of life energy. So be smart about your resource and energy management, starting from the very first days of the month. Another thing is that you should focus your attention on reality, leave doubts, stereotypes, biases, and other illusions behind you. They prevent you from having clear and objective vision. A lot will depend on how clearly you see the picture and how logically you act. Do not listen to those that are recommending that you take on risk and be careful when listening to another great, but risky opportunity. Do not take part in doubtful projects under any pretense, it would be a harsh mistake that may cause a whole avalanche of consequences to descend upon you.

The sphere of personal relationships will be the direction where you should focus most of your effort in April 2019. Work can go to the background, all of the truly significant events will happen here, in your house. However, if it would be enough for the sphere of business to have a goal of just staying afloat, the love front will necessitate you try really hard and make a lot of effort to get anything. The Aries will have it the hardest, as their relationships have taken an ambiguous position. Your main task is to not let a breakup happen, even if at some moments it seems like this is the right way to go. Another important aspect is that you should not let depression fill you, as it would mean total defeat in the current situation. If you are incapable of taking care of your emotions, then call upon your mind – or even better friends, or even better a best friend. His help will be invaluable right now. At the same time, you will receive an important experience that may be used in the future, even if everything now will not happen the best way that it could. Calm down and go with the flow, yet do not lose your attentiveness in order to avoid whirls of water at the right moment. Enter your inner harmony, learn to value and love life no matter what.


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