Aries This Month

January 2022 Horoscope: Aries

The Aries horoscope for January 2022 opens up good opportunities for putting things in order in your personal life and finances. However, the beginning of the month is not suitable for starting new romantic relationships and promoting in the business sphere. For almost the entire period (until January 29), Venus is in a retro-phase, which will create precedents for recurring situations, a return to experiences. Meetings with partners from the past are also possible. A month can be devoted to strengthening existing relationships. An increase in responsibility and duties is possible. Hard work and dedication, physical activity and professional duties will help Aries to feel in good shape.


At the beginning of January, Mercury ☿ is in the square of your Sun: be attentive to your words, do not rush to conclusions. But already from January 2, the planet responsible for communications will move to the constellation of Aquarius, which will give the representatives of the sign Aries ease of communication and contacts. However, the horoscope recommends refraining from suppressing someone else’s will and imposing one’s own opinion. Also on January 2, there will be a new moon in the sign of Capricorn, which is best devoted to planning than taking action. Career success will depend on restraint and humility, and responsibility will lead to professional growth. An increase in the number of responsibilities is possible, therefore the horoscope for Aries advises to maintain restraint and patience.


During the first and second ten days of the month ♂ Mars in Sagittarius will give Aries even more assertiveness and efficiency. Increased initiative and enterprise can help in solving many problems. The horoscope shows that this is a good time for new beginnings related to physical activity. Venus in the square to the Sun forms a tense aspect to the sign Aries throughout January. You should not get carried away during this period with food and drinks, but you should follow a diet. There may be a lack of diplomacy, so it is better to postpone business negotiations and signing agreements. There may be a tendency to indulge in laziness and overspend. Horoscope for Aries recommends not to forget about your duties and be more economical in terms of money.


The full moon on January 18 will take place in the sign of Cancer which will create tension for the fire sign. The horoscope advises not to follow the lead of your own mood, and also not to take the opinions of others at your own expense. The ☉ Sun shifts into Aquarius on January 20, 2022, creating opportunities for the Aries sign for productivity and leadership, which will provide support from others, especially superiors. However, due to the fact that since January 25, Mars has been creating a tense aspect to your Sun, the Aries horoscope recommends showing restraint in your ambition. Mercury, moving backwards since January 14, will re-enter the sign of Capricorn on January 27, which will create a repetition of the mental plan of the first and second decades. This is a great opportunity for correcting mistakes and completing cases. At the end of the month, it is better to arrange a weekend for yourself – in addition, the waning gibbous moon is ideal for rest and analysis of the past period.

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