Aries This Month

The Full Moon also occurs on Jul 2 and lights up your eleventh house of friends and kindred spirits. This would be a good time to get in touch with those you haven't seen for awhile and renew friendships. Take some time off to rest and restore your energy on Jul 4-26.On Jul 5 a family, home or property matter is likely to need your attention. You may feel pulled between the duties and responsibilities of your outer life and the needs of your family and home. Any festivities scheduled are likely to be delayed or very subdued. From Jul 13 to Aug 26 your ruler Mars, the planet of action, will stimulate activities in your fourth house of home, family'and domestic concerns.

During this period you will work energetically on repairs and other projects around your home. Action regarding real estate could be required. It is not likely to be a time of peace and quiet because of all the energetic energy swirling around your home base. However, that can add excitement and liveliness to your home life. Jul 16 to 22 will be an excellent time for activities regarding home and property. Projects should flow easily and be beneficial This will bring harmony and pleasant working conditions into that part of your life. Your work may become more creative or social during this period. If you have been experiencing any health problems you should start feeling better. You may also be moved to help someone else now. Also on Jul 22 the Sun will leave the cosiness of home and family and will enter your fifth house of fun, romance, creativity and sociability.

For the next 30 days your attention will turn to your social life, recreational activities and entertainment. Children may come into your life, or your own inner child may want to come out and play. You will feel like socializing and attending recreational and entertainment events. In short, it's time to get out and about!

The energies on this day are serious and oriented to work rather than play. Jul 28-30 is easier. The cooperation and helpfulness between yourself and others can make work feel lighter. You can favorably impress the boss or those in authority at this time your public relation efforts will work out favorably. Jul 31 is another matter. Hie energies oul in the world are apt to be very stirred up. It will be easy to be in a hurry and become impatient or irritated. Drive carefully and take ten big breaths before taking action. You may need to deal with the same or similar home and family matters that occurred on Jul 27

جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
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جديد في موقع الابراج 'فيديوها ممتعة'
فيديو بعنوان : الحيوان المفترس..الكاميرا الخفية