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Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today 13 September 2017:
Beware of saying the wrong thing today, Leo! You are often very sure of yourself and are known to speak your opinion freely. But, if you care about your relationships, you should most definitely think before you open your mouth to speak. You may end up saying something that you will later regret! Everyone will be much happier if you hold your tongue, including you!
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today 14 September 2017:
Leos should beware of destructive thoughts today. You often jump to the worst possible conclusion before considering all options. Don't let your temper get the best of you. You are sometimes your own worst enemy! Things are not nearly as bad as you think, and almost all mistakes are forgivable-even your own.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today 15 September 2017:
You're nothing if not opinionated, Leo. You know what you want out of life and you certainly know what it takes to get it. Someone close to you has quite a different life vision, and this has been causing some friction between the two of you. If you want this person in your life, compromise may be in order.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today 16 September 2017:
Leo, today is a great day to make that purchase you've been considering. You've been on the fence about it for a while, but intellectually-driven Mercury is in your 2nd House of Possessions helping you weigh all of your choices and make the best decision. Consider what would be best for your current lifestyle and take the plunge-you won't be disappointed.
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Leo Daily Horoscope for Today 17 September 2017:
Leos may find themselves very focused on their home life right now. Your home is your castle and you have some definite improvements you would like to make. But make sure you are making these decisions for the right reasons. Don't get caught up in a comparison game of whose house or apartment is better. It's a dangerous and costly game-and there is no true winner.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today 18 September 2017:
Leo, you may find yourself second-guessing the intentions of someone you love. This is someone you have always thought highly of; however, recently they seem to be taking the wrong path. It may pay to have a conversation with this person and explain your concerns. They may change their ways once they learn they will no longer have your support.
Leo Today

Leo Daily Horoscope for Today 19 September 2017:
Leo, you will find yourself lucky when it comes to money today. You have made smart choices recently and have found yourself ahead when it comes to your financial goals. Relish this feeling of accomplishment and make further plans for how you can continue to contribute. Saving for the future is a sure path to happiness.