The Leo Celebrities

Leo Men Celebrities:

Andy Warhol – Visual Artist

Mick Jagger – Musician

Yves Saint Laurent – Fashion designer

Peter O'Toole – Actor

Hulk Hogan – Professional Wrestler

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actor & Former Governor of California

Benito Mussolini – Former Duce

Fidel Castro – Former Prime Minister of Cuba

Carl Gustav Jung – Psychiatrist

Napoleon Bonaparte – Military leader

Rushdy Abaza – Actor

Karim Abdel Aziz – Actor


Leo Women Celebrities:

Jennifer Lopez – Actress

Charlize Theron – Actress

Halle Berry – Actress

Madonna – Singer-songwriter

J. K. Rowling – Novelist

Mae West – Film actress

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – Former First Lady of the United States