Leo This Week

LEO (July 23-August 22): There's no shame in 'going back to the drawing board', Leo, if you're starting to detect that a conceptual blindspot and/or glitch in the overriding premise will negatively impact the eventual quality of the final product. Actually, the greater shame would be to ignore your own detectors and to let such a fundamental question slide by unaddressed. Competent leadership, let me again remark upon, is about doing what's best for the project—not necessarily what's popular amongst the crowd or kindest to one's own pride. This is important to consider, in light of Mars migrating into your 11th, where it's liable to stir friction within a social group or team due to your inability or unwillingness to go congenially along with the consensus flow. Such social discord may, however, prove unavoidable (or even essential), should your goal-oriented conscience nudge you to shirk conventional wisdom on behalf of potentially better results. You mustn't fear upending others' impressions of you as a generally likable character if your being the 'squeaky wheel' is what's best for the project. On the other hand, please don't 'squeak' just to grab attention.