Leo This Week

If being true to yourself really is indeed a top priority—and for you, Leo, it's hard to imagine otherwise—then you're probably feeling some internal pressure to explicitly point out where you and a certain someone are not on the same page. Though you may be trying to convince yourself this difference isn't that important and therefore might not be worth 'making a big deal' about, it ultimately isn't fair for you to make such a decision for the both of you. If any significant degree of intimacy is at stake, you'd be essentially playing fast and easy with their emotional well-being by withholding details they deserve to know, to enable them to choose how much to invest in you by your providing them as much pertinent information as possible. Even if you haven't yet worked your way through your conflicting desires or formed any final opinions, your own unresolved state itself is a piece of news you ought to report… though, of course, such a disclosure could well open a can of worms. But here's the thing: If a lack of resolved feelings lurks beneath the happy-go-lucky surface, that 'can of worms' is already open. It's just that nobody's willing to acknowledge it… which means those creepy crawly little devils are freely squirming around of their own accord and who knows what kind of mischief they could cause. At least when you choose to put voice to an awkward or unsettling sentiment, you'll have more control over what it says about you.