Leo This Week

Finally, Leo, your lifestyle is starting to settle down. You have not had a normal routine or regular daily workload pattern since December. Now, at last, you know where the controls are and who has them. What went down last week has changed the way you and your employer, staff, lecturer, classmates, colleagues, clients and so on, are to operate together in future. In fact, despite the endless changes, delays or reversals of the last two months, you can draw a line under 2016 as you go into February. This has not just been about your paid or unpaid work. It has also been about your body, physical condition and physical state, because that’s the key to everything. Leo, you will have two massive commitments ahead, now that Juno is changing signs. One will involve your work ethic and the other will involve your mind, body and spirit relationship. You need, want and deserve empowerment and it’s close.