Aquarius This Year

Aquarius is the final sign of the air element of the classical (European) zodiac system. According to the horoscope for 2022 , Aquarius will experience a quite powerful influence from many heavenly bodies. In particular, it is worth noting the non-standard position of the permanent source of light. This year, the Sun will be very benevolent to all the signs of the air elements, and Aquarius will necessarily fall into its "favorites" list. As a result, Mercury will make a fuss about it, and the jealousy of the lord of earth and celestial trade routes will unlikely work to the advantage of the representatives of your sign. 

General Anticipated Periods for the Horoscope for Aquarius in 2022  

 The negative impact of Mercury may be perceived as especially vivid in the first months of 2022 , from January to April. The stars recommend that Aquarius spend the lion's share of their time on the solution of their working moments during the current stage. This is really fundamental now, even if you've planned an unbelievably large-scale event such as a wedding for the spring. If amidst the feast you receive a call regarding your work, you have to, as they say, stay on the line and attend to these subtle issues. None of the decisions should be made now without consulting your opinion first, otherwise, your opinion may well lose all its weight and authority. You should now monitor all aspects of your business. If you are not self-employed but hold a high managerial position, do not hesitate to make use of it. You can even fire people now, though only if it's fair and they deserve it. This is the only way that will empower you to achieve a really significant outcome, which in the future will result in a real "snatch". To make a long story short, do not count on a free pass, work hard and put your personal matters in the background. Clearly, it will be difficult ... well, this is spring. But until work starts brining fruitful results, Aquarius will have to hold back their temper, pull themselves together and focus on their work. 

 The horoscope for 2022 for Aquarius has clear indications that from May to the end of July the solar energy will slow down its influence, whereas Mercury, in contrast, will get activated as if being aware that your "defense" has some holes in it. This means that by the summer you need to be fully armed and prepared for any eventuality. You should now feel free to evenly distribute your attention between your family and your work. It will be more difficult for those who work for a "stranger" and at the same time don't hold highest-ranking position. In short, ordinary office employees will be the "alpha" platoon. This is the one that usually suffers "seventy percent of the losses of their platoon". But don't go down into the dumps, and bear in mind the saying: "Not lucky in death, though lucky in love!". If you do, your personal life will actually reap the fruits of this season. And the "bonuses" you acquire in this area will make up for all the disadvantages and shortcomings in the working area. As a matter of fact, your best option is replace your "work" with "labor". The difference between the two concepts is clear, so you should realize very well what it is exactly that you should strive for. Make sure you go soft on the people around you (including your colleagues). If you get to grasp the essence of life and, as modern magicians say, your chakras are suddenly "sticking out", this doesn't mean you need to share this joyful news with everyone you meet. Of course, this new knowledge should become the property of those who need it, so it really makes sense to talk about it. Some will perceive the information as valuable; some will try to "disown" you as soon as possible. Everything will turn out the way it should. Just try to be more tolerant; don't keep everything inside, because "knowledge for yourself only" leads to degradation, while "knowledge for all" is the way to your dynamic development. 

 From the first decade of August and almost to the very end of 2022 , the end of November, you will feel something strange literally floating around you in the air. No, this is not the calm before the storm, but it's more an anticipation for something epic, really important and crucial. It is difficult to say whether this feeling will materialize, that is, whether your expectations will be eventually met. Most likely all this will depend on you personally, which is actually quite logical. Mercury and the Sun will no longer exert significant impacts on your life, while Mars and Saturn will get activated. However, their influence shouldn't be taken into account. What you really need to consider is how to put your family life back together. Because after the middle part of the year is gone, which will have been full of affection, tenderness and sincere warmth, the final part will seem, to put it mildly, dull and grayish, and the one and only person to blame for this is, no doubt, you. Surprised? Hardly. But the reason doesn't lie in the fact that throughout the first part of the year you sometimes had to frankly "tune out" your family, as they will get to understand it once they see real results of your work (if they don't, it will be a bigger problem that will surely land on your plate). Think about what qualities you are clearly not proud of, what features of your character you would like to eradicate from your nature. These reflections are unlikely to take away a lot of your time and effort. Thus, be aware that in terms of the esoteric, religious and ethical formation of the universe, 2022  will be a turning point for many people. And it is nothing like the invasion of Normandy in World War II. You will rather move to a new level of awareness of reality. Or maybe, after being afraid of spiders for your entire life, you'll suddenly discover the charm of these multi-legged "cuties". 

 In December of 2022 you will traditionally sum up the results of everything that has been happening to you over the past eleven months. With a high degree of probability you will be satisfied. This year, no extraordinary efforts will be required from you, though you'll come across some exceptional events on the way. Remember that the goal does not always justify the means, and, as we know, the process is often more important than the result. 

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