Aquarius This Year

Aquarius 2023 horoscope

The Aquarius 2023 horoscope predictions suggest that this year your life will take a more serious turn than it has in recent years. While you may be bored at times, know that you can do exciting things without emptying your bank account.

The time has come to stop lying to yourself. My dear beloved Aquarians, there will come a moment in The Year of the Fire Rooster 2023 when you may say these very words standing in front of a mirror. It's difficult to say how and at what moment this might occur, but the fact is that the events and circumstances of the previous period of 2023 have forced Aquarians, as if pushed into a corner, to admit that the developments accumulated over this time period have reached a certain critical mass and demand change. However, it's likely that literal changes in 2023 won't happen for your zodiac sign. The year of the Rooster is more likely a period of preparation, internal transformatons, taking account of resources, etc. True, we understand that it's not possible to draw such a picture in your fertile imagination, but this is a general tendency in 2023 which won't cancel your rebellious spirit and striving for adventure. Everything here, everything in you yourself, and everything you relied on will absolutely come to pass in 2023. The Fire Rooster favors your sign, indeed, you needn't even look for adventures. They have already lined up behind the next door and await your entrance. And anyway, this is all hoopla. Despite all the clarity of events in 2023, dear Aquarians, the important thing for you over the course of the whole period might be waiting off screen. What is your goal? What are you striving for? What are the hopes and aspirations of Aquarius? Do you even know the answers to these simple questions? 

Of course, in the Year of the Fire Rooster 2023, those born under the sign Aquarius can count on specific advantages, but only if you yourselves are prepared for active behavior. As a whole, your element of Air is quite indirectly related to the element of Fire, although this relationship, whatever it is, is clearly of a harmonious plan. The key nuances here are the following: Aquarians themselves must find a direction which will show them the most forward-looking, and then the furthest development of events will truly be placed on the shoulders of circumstance. Naturally, not fully and completely, because it is understood that no one will be concerned about your fate besides you. Here it is simply important to create an impetus, and then everything will be as before, as they say. If, for example, Aquarius wants to gain the attention (in the usual sense) of a certain person, then it would be clearly necessary to indicate that as obviously as possible. In what sense? Here, you should know better! But as soon as you take the first step, everything will happen by itself, with your active participation, of course. The situation will be analogous in the work arena, but with specific reservations, taking into account the area of application of your creative energies. This is a very general indication, which will be true for the whole year of the Red Rooster. But besides this, there is still another factor - for Aquarius all of 2023 (and part of 2018, including this yearly cycle) will be divided into four stages, each of which demands a specific relation and approach in the context of solving current problems. We will now try to analyze each of these in greater detail. 

From the beginning of 2023 until the second third of May, Aquarius will experience quite a difficult period of life, characterized by numerous attacks from colleagues, acquaintances, and even loved ones. In this period, the sphere of interpersonal relationships will be under pressure. However, there won't really be anything bad in this, simply a multitude of minor problems spilling over onto you all at once in a continuous wave. You will be able to solve all these conflictual situations if you don't doubt, at least, that your patrons (Saturn and Mercury) don't doubt you. You need to put special emphasis here on the area of personal relationships, and to the forefront will come the emotional aspect, personal communication, and empathy. Only you won't need to "make believe." If you are insincere, you won't get what you want, not in any circumstances. And if, for example, a person doesn't like you, but you try to get something from him, not demonstrating false subservience, then your idea will have significant chances for success. The opposite way isn't worth trying. 

With the dawn of the final third of May 2023 arrives the next stage, which will conclude approximately in the second half of August. This warm, clear, and light time of year will literally recharge the energy of Aquarians. Here all your current projects as well as life tendencies will receive maximal development on the whole. The apex will come in the middle of summer - June 2023. Here Aquarians will need to work very very hard if they want to acheive their desired results. In the area of career growth here is the very time to think about promotion, so a vacation or something like that will turn out to be a critical mistake now. Of course, summer is always a time for vacations, and in that regard you'll have less competitors at work. So, work and strive for a well-deserved position, but by no means commit reckless deeds. You will fully be able to take risks, and at specific moments (you yourself will sense when) the Fire Rooster will help you with all his strength and all his fury. In your endeavors you won't be alone for even an instant, and this actually is worth a lot. But now in the "Love Department" everything won't add up so serenely. You'll need to seriously try to preserve harmony in the family. There it is best to orient yourself toward your last experience, if you think that Aquarians wonderfully understand how to exactly behave themselves with their other half. 

With the arrival of fall (or more precisely, in the final days of August) until the second third of November 2023, the Fire Rooster will ease up a bit, so Aquarians are recommended to switch their attention from the work sphere to the personal. In some parts of the sphere of relationships, a real war awaits you, dear Aquarius! First and foremost, this will affect those who already find themselves in partnered relationships. In this period everything is possible on the battlefield: love, betrayal, blackmail. If you want to emerge victorious, remember that in competition in the field of love, the winners are those who first flee the battlefield with their trophies. On the other hand, to a certain degree this time will be successful for singles, who decide at all costs to find their "other half." Perhaps, one of your acquaintances will be revealed to you from an unexpected direction and this might shock you in the fullest sense. You need to make appropriate decisions which might play a significant role in the future, although, perhaps, you haven't even noticed this. The stars advise not rushing from conclusions and orienting yourself to a large degree toward unclear tendencies. Although, of course, if your counterpart is objectively stupid, it won't be worth picturing him as a true genius. Fanatacism isn't just potentially dangerous, it's also often punishable. 

From the end of November 2023 until the middle of February 2018, when the Fire Rooster retires, figuratively speaking, Aquarius will live through a maximally peaceful and fully balanced period. All actions that took place in the past, and decisions made up until this moment have already formed a clear tapesty of events which will be consistently deployed before you. Here there won't be any kind of exceptional situations or fateful introductions, although it needs to be said it's frankly not worth "giving up" on your life, moving on "autopilot." Even an airplane's autopilot doesn't guarantee a perfect flight, and is rarely able to handle emergency conditions. So get comfortable, but don't let go of the reins too much. This specific time period of December-January will be especially exemplary for Aquarius. On the basis of past events they will clearly present you with the entire path which you've followed and which lies ahead. They will receive a unique experince which will allow them to escape from a great number of mistakes in the future, protected from potential negatives by a shield of certainty and honest, correct decisions. Anyway, the Fire Rooster will teach Aquarius much and it is very important to carry this experience through the years. But it is far from a fact that knowledge and skill, received here and there, will be useful to you in the immediate future. The Fire Rooster teaches you this - to look ahead and soar, to always and everywhere stay one or two steps ahead of your opponents. The result will be not just victory, but also satisfaction, which for Aquarius is sometimes even more important. 

Finally, we'd like to congratulate Aquarius on the coming Year of the Rooster 2023! We wish you joy, fun, and happiness in the new year! Dear Aquarians, go easy, don't worry about various nonsense, and then we'll be sure that 2023 will definitely please you with the unpredictability of clearly memorable moments…

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