Aquarius This Month

It’s your moment, Water Bearer! Until February 18, the Sun is in Aquarius, your first house of self, identity and personal goals. You're feeling full-on awakened and alive! With everything you do, there’s electricity in the air—and you’re definitely the power source. Banish any people-pleasing, and put your own interests on the front burner, knowing you have full cosmic permission to do so.
Just watch your presentation for the first week or so of February. Although you’re riding an enthusiastic wave, hold off on any splashy debuts while communicator Mercury completes its retrograde (backward) spin in Aquarius, your identity-driven first house, until February 11. Since January 21, when the retrograde cycle began, you may have felt misunderstood, even with the best intentions. During the first half of February, no matter how direct or kind you think you’re being, others simply may not get it. Take care with emails and in-person conversations. Even your body language is up for debate—don’t walk into a meeting with your arms crossed if you don’t want to send a combative signal. Once the retrograde is finished, then you can get back to yapping away and being your charming self again.

Dynamic duo alert: On February 3, the Leo full moon shines into your seventh house of partnership, putting the spotlight on your closest relationships, business and personal. This break from the solo-focused energy of the month can really help you strengthen, or tend to, existing bonds. In romance, you’re aiming for symbiosis—and if that means giving up a bit of your independence, you’re all for it, so long as the atmosphere is one of play, generosity and passion. In all unions, there needs to be an even give-and-take. If you wake up and realize that you’ve been giving, giving, giving, it’s not going to feel so great. Perhaps the culprit for your discomfort is that you’ve been too shy about asserting your own needs or situation, i.e. if you have a business partner who starts every meeting with a diatribe about his/her gluten intolerance, you may naturally put your own agenda on the backburner.

Look for ways to team up, whether that means joining forces to surprise a friend who’s going through a rough patch, or seeking out complementary souls for a new creative project you’re developing. If things have been tense or stagnant on the relationship front, this could be a point of no return, since full moons can bring closure. Meanwhile, if things have been going well, you may decide to sign on the dotted line and make things official.

Fortunately, this full moon gets a powerful boost from two lively planets, abundant Jupiter and forward-looking Uranus, which are both forming flattering angles to la luna. With Jupiter’s cross-cultural influence, you could wind up meeting a love from afar (and being completely fine with the resultant Skype dates and care packages). Maverick Uranus in Aries, your third house of communication, could have you feeling a little blunt today. Perhaps you have a moment of just blurting out that thing you’ve been holding back from saying, or an ingenious idea lands in your head, proving to be the solution to a long-held relationship issue. Since Uranus rules technology, you could end up connecting with a romantic (or business) partner virtually. Love at first FaceTime session?

Pull out your party clothes again, because you get a “triple New Year”—and the third installment is this month! On February 18, the Aquarius new moon lights up your first house of independence and solo projects. This is the second consecutive new moon in your sign, which is like a cosmic new year (the first Aquarius new moon was on January 20). Translation: you have yet another bold beginning at your well-manicured fingertips! The feeling that accompanies this new moon is one of extreme enthusiasm and hope—your sweet spots. Build on any intentions you set last month, thinking carefully about where you want to go next in your life. If there’s a project or trip you’ve been dreaming about—something that is oh-so-personal to YOU—now is the time to take action. Seeds planted today will blossom over the next six months. Choose those wishes wisely!

February 18 also heralds the start of the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Sheep. We’re going to be honest: you may not love the yin, overly dependent/passive vibe of the Sheep, which is almost the antithesis of forward-thinking, autonomous Aquarius energy. What you may enjoy, however, is the cooperative and group-centric energy—Sheep gather in flocks, after all. That said, you are NOT a fan of the “group-think” that can occur (there’s a reason they call followers “sheep”), so if friendships get stagnant or homogenous, don’t hesitate to use your Aquarian vision to make the landscape more eclectic. In fact, breaking from the herd tends to give you an enlivening sense of purpose, and there will be plenty of opportunities for that!

In other cosmic news happening that day, the Sun shifts into Pisces, your second house of work and money, on February 18. This is a stabilizing influence over the next four weeks, allowing you to ground grand plans and exciting visions into real-deal reality. Time to put your nose to the grindstone, Aquarius! Go over the basics of your daily life with a fine-tooth comb: can you streamline your regular routine to have more time? Should you switch gyms for convenience—and the likelihood that you’ll be more committed if your gym is closer? Are there line items in your budget that can go? What does your savings picture look like, say, five years down the line? Taking a realistic look at the essentials—and then prioritizing your life accordingly—can really help you get a leg up financially, and on the job, too. What excites you most now is having tangible results, e.g., paying down a bill or putting a chunk in savings. Your enhanced productivity now is a boon. Hello, confidence!

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