Aquarius This Month

Sign of the Month – Aquarius

This is your month, with the Sun going through your sign, ably assisted by Venus entering Aquarius on the 3rd. So if you have plans for birthday celebrations, you should be in the mood to party and have people around you. On its own, Venus is a swift moving influence that does not signify very much, but it is enjoyable for all that and usually provides a pleasant distraction. The best way of dealing with it is to be sociable and savour being in the best company, which is where Venus’s secret lies. By making you feel more disposed towards people, you actually become more charming and attractive, as if there is a special aura surrounding you. People are invited into your circle and feel more warmly towards you, providing romantic openings that may otherwise not exist.

However, if you are quite content with your love life, this opening may also be the time to push ahead with your work and to charm someone in a position of influence. Diplomacy is often called for in a working environment, so this month you have the right conciliatory approach and know exactly what to say. While your attempts at flattery may sometimes be rather skin-deep, important characters still notice the intention and your efforts will not go unappreciated.

So, while you may still be rather undecided about your path and unsure of what overall direction to take, you at least embark on your journey with a more positive feeling in your heart. This should be felt most keenly on the 17th, when an inspired personal touch transforms a mundane meeting into so much more.


This is your month to shine, oh lover of brotherhood and humanity – the time every year when you begin your journey of life all over again. Take time to love and appreciate you for a change, before you go out and enhance the quality of life for everyone else with Venus, the planet of love, entering your sign on the 2nd. Appreciate your unique way of looking at the world and your desires to make changes that benefit all. At the New Moon in Aquarius on the 8th, plant seeds to have the courage to revolutionize your life so that it reflects your one-of-a-kind nature. Before you can make the dreams for a better world come true, it’s important to know what makes you happy. You function best in communities where everyone is encouraged to be who they really are. If you’re not part of one, use this New Moon energy to create one.

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