Aquarius This Year

Aquarius Personal and Social Life 2019

2019 sees you firmly in control of your own world, Aquarius, as well as prominent and lucky in public. Jupiter is at the top of your chart all year.

You can keep your private goals and desires private and still shine and work wonders for others. Any nervousness won't show in your appearance or how you present yourself. Saturn in fiery Sagittarius supports you.

Friends and family will see how hard you work and won't slow you down. But if you want help, just ask.

Mercury and Venus in Aquarius oppose Jupiter and anchor your chart for the year. Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius (January 21-February 11), making you sharper and more cautious.

Your health looks strong, but overdoing things will be an ongoing concern. Be safe and avoid silly, careless accidents. It's a very well-balanced but high energy year, Aquarius!

Aquarius Love 2019

There's a lot of magic at home this year, Aquarius. An almost severe sense of responsibility and drive to take care of practical business could cause strain early in the year, but this gradually dissipates as you remember how easy it is to work together.

Rapport and trust greatly increase in February and March. Like magic, you'll both see eye to eye and nearly read each other's thoughts. You'll have no secrets from one another, nor want any.

April and May could be more exciting than intended. Uranus in Aries is part of the Grand Fire Trine that you enjoy this year.

Summer could be full of entertaining and parties. If so, run the guest list by each other. If not, a romantic getaway would be a grand, sizzling treat!

Late November is powerful as the Sun enters Sagittarius, conjuncts Saturn, and joins that Grand Trine in Fire Signs. Make those most important joint decisions now, and strengthen and deepen an already secure partnership.

Aquarius Career 2019

It's a busy year that may often require you to be the point person or figurehead for a project at work. Be discriminating but don't shirk from this. People will perceive you as ambitious no matter how you feel. Summer, especially August, could be the most productive and successful time for you.

If job hunting, be more proactive, willing to commute a bit farther (or telecommute), and do more follow-up.

The days before January 19 (when Mars conjuncts Neptune, with the Moon in hard-working Capricorn) can work magic for you. What you want is out there, and it's looking for you.

Money is ample and maybe abundant if you're realistic about your immediate wants and needs. A marvelous monetary opportunity could happen in August, but it may be a one-time offer. Make the most of it!