Sagittarius This Week

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): The intimate familial comforts, domestic bliss, and/or inner peace-and-quiet you'd probably really like to duck into, Sagittarius—perhaps now more than ever, considering any newfound sense of appreciation for such things—will not, unfortunately, absolve you from the ongoing demands of doing your best work. Relish these private joys when it's appropriate, of course; just don't shirk any duties in the process. Trust me, you will want to take advantage of this 6th-house emphasis while it lasts… and, as the week unfolds, the astro-emphasis is changing. By week's-end, retrograde Mercury will have slid back into your 5th, tempting your mind off of its productive focus and toward more explicit personal-life concerns (e.g., what or who you like, how you want it to go down). Maybe even more significantly, Mars will also have advanced into your 7th (the one-on-one relationship house), a move that'll likely increase your levels of interpersonal engagement, friction, and/or drama. Frankly put, where exactly you stand in relation to a certain someone and/or how you work out your differences with each other (or don't) is now becoming a much more actively prominent matter.