Sagittarius This Week

I'll begin by linking back to last week's program, since you remain at a heightened risk of suffering 'foot-in-mouth' symptoms, Sagittarius. But rather than just leave it at that reiterated warning, I'd like to deepen our understanding of what could be at stake. Your natural propensity for communicative boldness would've likely played some role in your formative family dynamics… whether you were encouraged for having strong opinions, argued with parent-figures and/or endlessly asked them for explanations or reasons, or lived under constant threat of being 'put in your place'. As adults, we often recreate and/or react against (two sides of the same coin, actually) whatever parental model we were nurtured by (or weren't), not always seeing where we betray our own genuine needs out of habit or rebellion. The current position of Neptune in your 4th (the house both of our family upbringing and our emotional self-care), in square to multiple planets in your sign, highlights how too provocative an outward attitude and/or too brash an outburst can actually work against your deeply feeling safe, secure, and grounded—even if it momentarily feels awesome to drive your point all the way home, refusing to kowtow to anyone. While I can't connect all these dots with the perfect clarity that speaks to your specific situation, it'd behoove you to explore the links between (1) the present call for pinpointed self-restraint and (2) the lived history behind why you might not want to practice it.