Sagittarius This Week

If you look back at December and January, you can probably count three-five issues on your fingers, all relating to your house, money, apartment, company, charity or possessions. Case One is really down to your own experiments with willpower. You seem to keep concluding that you don’t have any, but that is because you may be following others’ rules and opinions, which were never designed for you. You can actually do this thing – and you know you want to – but it’s about a compromise that actually lets you stick to your resolve, rather than constantly feeling as if you’re failing a yardstick. Actually, the yardstick is failing you. Time for a new strategy! Case Two in your files over the last eight weeks is about being well and truly used, or exploited. Lending money is one example. Letting others freeload on your possessions is another. Now, this might have actually repeated itself two, three times – in which case you know you have a problem. Time to make some demands of your own and issue an ultimatum? Well, what’s the alternative?