Scorpio This Week

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Whatever emotional hairball you may notice you're beginning to cough up this week, Scorpio, has its root-source pretty close to home. Don't, therefore, look to outside circumstances or challenges as if they're the culprit. Though an irksome comment or unsound deed on someone else's part may serve as a trigger, any out-of-balance reaction spurred in you is really a symptom of deeper and/or more personal frustrations. Please recognize this in advance of snipping, sniping, or lashing out… mainly because such acts won't actually help you feel better, but instead are likelier to just further embroil you in other people's bullshit (including, naturally, their justified hurt at being on the receiving end of your snipping, sniping, or lashing out), at the very moment when you should probably be left to your own bullshit. As I see it, your best process for alleviating any rise in agitation or glumness ought to be understood as practical problem-solving—yes, even though we're dealing with emotion—rather than an intricately interactive arbitration between multiple parties. Or put simply: You've got to identify what's actually causing that unsettling feeling, then come up with a few action-steps you can freely and independently take to address it.