Scorpio This Week

This week’s Uranus-Pluto dustup is the last of seven such battles in their three-year war that’s been affecting your relationships, family, home life and emotional state. You’ve probably forged some quick connections in the past few years, gone through a breakup with a romantic partner or friend and encountered an inordinate degree of unpredictability and quirkiness in others. You may want more personal space than usual—or someone may have pushed you away or abruptly left your life. The instability in your relationships has shaken you up, but you’ve also been rocked by dark memories, family problems, a move or other big domestic shift, and possibly even repressed rage. Pluto has stirred up issues from the past that you’d probably rather not deal with. But processing unpleasant feelings will allow you to move on from them, whereas trying to control them is likely to result in regressive behavior. The ground is shifting beneath you, and you really want to regain a sense of equilibrium. Maybe people aren’t exactly who you thought they were, and what used to comfort you isn’t there for you anymore. Make some sort of peace with the changes happening in your life. A solar eclipse is telling you to turn over a new leaf when it comes to your job, health, habits or everyday responsibilities.