Scorpio This Week

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Stay close to the moment-by-moment turn of events, Scorpio. While you have less clear of a vision for how this is eventually (as in: months down the line) leading to a personally auspicious opening, you do presently hold a keen ability to throw your whole self into the here-and-now… especially when charged with sorting through a convoluted or internally-contradictory set of data, engaging a complicated mix of contributing factors, and/or working hard to solve an immediate problem. Plus, starting this week, you'll get better results from your efforts to pick others' brains, secure elucidating answers from them, and sell them on the efficacy of your latest tactical direction. The more sincere-minded conversation you have with other sharp knowledgeable players, the better for the current progress of this active collaboration—and I say this even with the possibility that your divergent (though similarly passionate) outlooks may collide. Stay with this, keeping the constructive benefits for the task-at-hand in the forefront of your mind. Forget, meanwhile, about positioning yourself for that farther-ahead future you really can't see right now.