Libra This Week

On the heels of a few-weeks' worth of distinctly distinguishing yourself from the crowd of less-impressive candidates, Libra, it'll now serve you to deftly swerve back into the collective mix. With ruling-queen Venus traipsing into your 11th hand-in-hand with Mercury, your most effortlessly favorable results will come from joining together again with your trustiest colleagues, comrades, teammates, and/or friends-'til-the-end… reaffirming the importance of any interests you share in common, using any recently-clinched leverage to help lift peers you'd want by your side, and/or inquisitively gathering feedback from those who possess knowledge you lack. In terms of your own communications, please be mindful about speaking in a manner that actively seeks to foster a sense of community—but without falling into the presumptuous trap of speaking for anybody else. Explicitly present any opinion, narrative, or analysis you're offering as yours, neither universalizing your experience nor co-opting theirs. Then, happily hand over the microphone, and encourage others to join in. For your immediate benefit, the less you dwell on your own story, the better. Meanwhile, it's an excellent time to nail down a key alliance (or three).