Libra This Week

LIBRA (September 23-October 22): It is well within your right, Libra, to continue redirecting the conversation back to whichever topic(s) you are intent on discussing… though there's no need to make a power-move fuss about it. Why should you be chastised for maintaining a distinct focus (rather than being passively willing to follow someone else's musings wherever they may amble)? What could be wrong with seeking a clear outcome and/or indisputable signs of the other person's correct understanding of you before agreeing to move onto less-directly-relevant subject-matter? Please don't feel obliged to settle for incomplete consideration, half-assed assent, or a suggestion that you continue to leave this issue up in the air for an indefinite time longer. Keep faithfully showing up to the table with your very reasonable expectations of being taken seriously by this character, if you indeed take your relationship with them seriously. If something's on your mind that's this important to your feeling acknowledged and honored, you shouldn't have to fight to get it heard… though, for the moment, it's still worth fighting that fight. But of course it begs questions about the health of this dynamic which, it seems, may deemphasize or devalue your voice.