Libra This Week

With Mercury both conjoining Saturn and squaring Neptune, trust me, you won't want your people-pleasing mouth to issue checks which practical reality will be unable to cash, Libra. That means you may have to earnestly strive to hold yourself back from offering spur-of-the-moment endorsements, commitments, or other agreeable sentiments before you've checked your schedule, vetted the plan for functional viability, procured the necessary tools or equipment, or (dare I add it) recently eaten. Yet, to take us toward the other extreme for a second, that doesn't exempt you from the need to still participate in the conversation… rather than, say, attempt to avoid it altogether by claiming you're too busy or exhausted to find just a few moments of time for friendly catching-up. While it's presently critically important for you to maintain social presence, interactivity, and a willingness to dialogue, you must weigh this against the other responsibilities you have: to your work (both the actual tasks and any staff you manage), your bodily health, your pets, and any other chores you're charged with. As far as this list of day-to-day duties is concerned, you must neither (1) wish them away, and jeopardize your productive well-being, nor (2) lose yourself in them, at the risk of pissing off the people in your life. Conversational diligence (as we called it last week) is the field where this balancing-act plays out.