Libra This Week

LIBRA (September 23-October 22): By the end of the week, Libra, I suspect you'll feel so ready to finally move beyond whatever snag, morass, or holding-pattern has kept you circling 'round this same spot for a little while now. Though you likely will begin to instinctively experience a powerful pull pointing you in the most-rightful direction through to the other side, that doesn't mean the corresponding discussions related to your moving in that direction are complete. In other words, while your own overarching decision-making process is starting to produce clearer answers, conversations with a certain individual (or individuals) about how your relational dynamic should, must, or will change as a result of making the decision remains in progress. Yet, the closer you inch towards resolving to go forward as you'd like, the less patience you'll have to continue communicating so diligently. After having come all this way, this would be an unfortunate moment to just let your end of the line drop, leaving the other player(s) to wonder where they stand and/or where you went. No matter the outcome, see the conversation through.