Libra This Week

This week is the last time this year, you will have to address your lifestyle, working day, body, housework, unpaid work, routine and sense of service and duty to other people. They are all interconnected in astrology, as the Sixth House (where you now have powerful transits) describes the way your physical condition defines who you are - and what you do. Into the Sixth House, we park doctors, drugs, drink, food, healers, personal trainers, the gym, surgeons, nurses, swimming pools and the rest. What you must now do is agree to share, Libra. There will be a brand new way to work and live on a daily basis, once this is reorganised. There are 24 hours in one day, and you need to reconfigure them. You also need to look at the 7 days in one week. It really does come down to these tiny details when you are figuring out this cycle, as whatever goes down with the other person (or group) involved, must respect the fact that it's the small, day-to-day stuff, which has such an impact on you. Your ruler Venus is involved in the line-up with Ceres and Chiron. You tend to gravitate towards emotionally complicated situations when Venus transits your chart, because that is what Libra does! You were put on this earth to find ways to balance the scales, or even the score. I suspect you are recalibrating the scales of your own work/life balance this week, ahead of what will preoccupy you for all of April, which is the massive change coming with - or for - your partner. This also applies to your former or potential partner, too. First, though, deal with the game of musical chairs you are now playing with your boss, lecturer, staff, colleague, client, classmate, doctor, surgeon, personal trainer, pharmacist - or whatever. Rights, roles and responsibilities must shift and it has to be a system that works as well for you as it does for the other players.