Virgo This Week

Virgo, when I look at the business of parenthood, dating, lovers, children and Millennials in your chart, all I can see is you spending two months trying to get on top of everything. Finally, you are in a good position to make the new year work for you, in a new way. It may involve rebuking someone and perhaps setting an ultimatum. That’s fine and it’s perfectly fair, given the way you have been treated. There has been another story taking place lately, though, and it is your hasty acceptance of the ‘truth’ that other people or organizations are better informed than you or more powerful than you. Your child’s school is a good example.  A relationship self-help book by a successful guru is another. If you put the last two months in perspective, forgetting all the rescheduling, cancellations and general flux – one thing becomes clear. This is your particular connection to younger people, and yours alone. This is also your love life – and yours alone. Only you know what does or does not work for you and the experiment is now over. Get your power back.