Virgo This Week

I'm faithfully presuming you're entering 2016 on a high note, Virgo, considering you've been hosting growth-and-luck-peddler Jupiter in your sign since mid-August… and will continue to enjoy its benefic blessings through September of this year-ahead. While I must always remind folks Jupiter won't force good-tidings upon you but merely creates an ideal setting for taking evolutionary risks and reaches, it's still a pretty damn positive aspect to have on your side. Take fullest possible advantage of this astrological tailwind: This is the year to spread your wings and fly toward that thing you've long wanted to do. And if you're one of those Virgos experiencing your 'lucky' moment as an apparent disappointment or loss, please try to understand this as a case of your having outgrown that which is passing away and/or a silver-lining opportunity to stretch into something bigger and better. The main challenge to your capacity to enjoy Jupiter's bounteous promise comes courtesy of Saturn-in-your-4th: If you don't diligently process through the complex emotions underlying your ambitions and desires, you can't truly understand which aims will ultimately bring you inner fulfillment—and which may merely be driven by inherited ideologies, peer rivalries, or other impersonal notions of 'what you should do'. This task calls you to deliberately spend chunks of time away from the madding crowd, allowing yourself to hear the sound of your tender heart's sincerest cravings and aches. To carry this off successfully might require making hard choices on the domestic front (since home is where you must feel safe to explore your internal landscape) and/or drawing clearer boundaries with family-members whose black-and-white opinions infringe on your capacity for emotional self-determination. Even your closest one-on-one relationship(s) could get in the way of this inner work, if you use the other person as an excuse not to do what's right for you as an individual. On the other hand, don't go so internal and/or get so wrapped up in your next great leap-forward that you overlook its impact on those closest to you. If you start to get too clinical, self-indulgently moody, and/or trapped in your own head, you mustn't forget to lean on others for a soft shoulder and a fresh perspective.