Virgo This Week

Think of these weeks ahead, please, as an integration phase, Virgo… an opportunity to carefully review what's just gone down over the past few months (and especially since early October), to bank what's been gained, to dial yourself back wherever you might've proceeded too far too fast, and to begin earnestly reiterating those initial steps recently taken in order to reinforce their intended staying-power. There's now a new focus on your 2nd house, traditionally interpreted as the sector of one's own earned income, though its fuller significance extends beyond mere monetary concerns. The 2nd also symbolizes one's sense of self-worth, for it logically follows that we cannot bring in more money than we believe we deserve (at least not for too long before our hidden doubts start to undo us)… and that we must hold sincere confidence in those traits and capacities we already possess if we expect anybody else to pay us our fair market-value. While I don't think it's necessary to fixate on financial matters if they don't presently warrant immediate action—though, if they do, this is an excellent time to organize a forward-looking financial strategy—it does serve you to devote some dutiful attention to reassessing your worth. I suspect much about you has changed (and very recently, in certain ways) since you last engaged in such an exercise. Don't revert to former analyses which underplay, and thus dishonor, your present place in the world. Update.