Virgo This Week

VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Being this far 'in it' with a certain someone (and/or with your present fate inextricably tied to a certain situation), Virgo, you can plainly tell how hard it is to distinguish between (1) your wholly-independent viewpoint and (2) that which has been jointly created during this immersive process. We covered this a couple weeks back, when I'd advised you to quietly drop down into your own emotional truth, away from the influence of this person (and/or situation). We're coming back around now to reemphasizing an awareness of how 'my interests' and 'our interests' align, intersect, or clash… not from that quiet secluded room-of-one's-own, but while 'in it'. Look out for those vital moments when you suddenly realize you are on a similar page (even if you still describe it differently), you do appreciate how you've gradually influenced each other's thinking, and/or you want to be 'jointly creating' a life-vision. Of course, alternatively, the parallel contrasting realization(s) could abruptly emerge: You're tired of all this togetherness talking-and-thinking, you crave better interpersonal boundaries, and/or you miss being more autonomous.