Virgo This Week

VIRGO (August 23-September 22): At this point, you'll reap a more authentic and/or thorough outcome, Virgo, by turning back away for a moment from universalizing philosophies, hypothetical theories, and firm moral imperatives… and instead returning to a more up-close-and-personal engagement with your feelings. What might seem to produce the most natural interpersonal truce or (re)union, based in discussions of values or ideals, could in fact be missing an inconvenient element or exception that's key to your fullest emotional satisfaction. You mustn't talk yourself out of speaking up about it, just because it doesn't fit neatly into the ongoing discourse. It needs to come out now, or you'll likely regret it. The same rationale applies, of course, to any other person's subject-position in this process: Give them the room to express emotional reservations, second-thoughts, or late-in-the-game epiphanies (rather than, say, holding them to a concept they expressed earlier, as if any deviation would automatically void their whole argument). This is what your ruler Mercury's retrograding back into your 8th calls for.