Virgo This Week

You must now figure out a way to make it work, long-term with your partner. This also applies to your former or potential partner too. The bond  may be sexual and romantic, or strictly professional. If you have been put through a deeply unfair or unequal situation with someone against you, then  this new 'deal' will be with your rival, opponent or enemy. In all cases, Virgo, you are now in a position to draw a line under March and go into April. This pattern is extremely common in the horoscopes of people who are either committing (and organising marital finances, or a new home) - or splitting. Thus, March is the sign-off and April is the fresh start with the house, apartment, money, possessions or business. Of course, I know very well that the chances of every single person born from late August to late September going through such a milestone, are not high! Perhaps you are just figuring out the emotional or psychological territory with someone who pushes all your buttons. There may be no actual big deal with the paperwork or handshakes, yet it feels just as potent as any commitment, or breaking of a commitment, would be. We have Venus in your opposite sign of Pisces at the moment, and despite the fact that so many astrologers on the internet still associate her with interior design and blusher, the truth is, she's a hell of an archetype, coming to us from Ancient Rome, where seduction could undo a whole city. Venus is just passing through, but she reminds you that sometimes we need an intense and complicated situation with another man (or woman) so that we can figure out who or what we are most passionate about. I went to a very good lecture about Venus by the author and astrologer Liz Greene a few years ago at Oxford University and she drew our attention to this aspect of Venus. Yes, the situation you are facing is no doubt raising all sorts of questions about jealousy, envy, desire, commitment - and all the rest. Yet at the same time, unless you get put through your paces with this man (or woman) you never really know where the core priorities are. This week is all about that. Ceres in the mix tells me that at heart, this carve-up between you two (or you three) is actually about power. It's about agreeing to share the controls in a brand new way. Once it's done, it's done. But do get to the very heart of this.