Virgo This Week

Stay real, but be compassionate about it, Virgo. Be compassionate, yet without taking the other person's feelings so totally into account that they flood your own. Consider their feelings alongside yours, while remembering there's only one of you who'll be your number-one supporter throughout every single day of your whole life (and it's, by virtue of logic, nobody else but you). Support your own longer-term emotional health as the top priority, still wisely understanding you won't feel good about yourself unless you maintain connected relationships, sharing your heart's goodness with others. Share your heart with others, only up to the point where you lose the capacity to clearly discern your interests from theirs, the result of overidentifying with your role 'in relation to' at the expense of an individuated identity all yours. Pursue your individual interests, but not so single-mindedly that you block out awareness of the impact on those around you, who may be hurt or scared or confused. Be compassionate, remember. And if you are now somewhat dizzy from following this pendulum of advice, as it swings back and forth from one sentence to the next… well, that's probably as good a facsimile of your present conundrum-of-feeling as my writing could possibly create. You must draw the obvious conclusions from what's in your heart, and responsibly communicate them as called for, showing sincere care for that certain someone but not 'taking care of them' by mincing your words.