Cancer This Week

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Experiencing 'mixed feelings' is not a sign you're doing something wrong, Cancer. On the contrary, it'd presently be an indication that you aren't taking the avoidant way out, collapsing a complex situation into caricature-like oversimplicity, or mistrusting an important inner voice. Of course, it does make for somewhat less light-and-breezy conversations, particularly if you can't honestly provide a convenient answer to some question another person is eager to resolve right away. But no matter the added snags or headaches, honesty remains the best policy for many reasons… not the least of which is that any concerns or misgivings you might choose to discount or suppress are highly likely to come back and haunt you later, considering you'd never adequately handled them in the first place. Which would also mean that you ultimately didn't save yourself any snags or headaches, merely postponed their inevitable emergence (while prolonging the dull anxiety of their lurking existence). Going forthrightly into the complexity in all your relevant exchanges now, on the other hand, will hasten the speed with which these inevitable dealings are definitively dealt with.