Cancer This Week

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Let me add a tempering element to last week's advice, Cancer, in which I insinuated that you needn't necessarily 'play nicely with others' if it threatens your sense of intact integrity. While that angle is still generally applicable, the astrology is palpably changing over the course of this week ahead… and, with Mars sliding into your unpredictable (and, at times, self-defeating) solar 12th and dragging a retrograde Mercury into its destabilizing vortex, your capacity to reliably hold your own in tense or antagonistic situations won't be quite as keen. In particular, be mindful not to utter any smug, crass, or petty comments which presume a like-minded comradeship with those who aren't in fact your best pals or lateral peers, but important characters whose impression of you is both critical to your success and subject to change based on your present behavior. The last thing you'd want is to sully your ethics-driven stance by coming off in a self-congratulatory way that unwittingly betrays your own self-claimed honorability.