Cancer This Week

Presently, your most self-supportive method for discharging unsettling, irritated, or upset feelings, Cancer, is through productive labor, physical exercise, and/or other straightforward results-oriented activity. Rather than use emotional agitation as an excuse to screw off, I'd recommend flipping the logic… and using healthful habits and tasks-at-hand as an immediately fruitful distraction from mentally running repeatedly through all the emotionally-agitating angles (which isn't likely to do any uplifting wonders for your mood). That's why this isn't necessarily the best moment for vast theoretical reflections on your past, your future, or your guiding purpose in life. While I'm generally a huge advocate of regularly ruminating on life's big questions, as a best-practices guard against accumulating too many regrets, there also lurks a danger of convoluting and confusing otherwise cut-and-dry situations with undisciplined ponderings. Unless you've been stubbornly ignoring your intuition for a long long time now, it's unlikely you're currently so far off your rightful course that you ought to stop the ship and retreat to the navigation chamber for months more map-gazing and chart-plotting. Likelier, you're simply feeling a bit uncertain or anxious… and, meanwhile, you still have plenty of timely duties and deeds to attend to. If a major course-change is due, this isn't the time to figure it out.