Gemini This Week

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): This isn't the point in your process where you open it back up for further discussion or debate, Gemini. That time has passed, as I believe you know. What more needs to be said, anyway? I'm being so firm on this with you because I suspect the urge to return to the dialoguing drawing-board is largely based in fear… of accepting the evident or inevitable conclusion, of releasing outdated hopes or crusty thought-patterns, of closing a door or grieving a loss, of not continuing to discuss. But going forward for these next few weeks, you must let your actions speak your intentions—without falling back on your comfortable use of words, to attempt to provide an assuaging spin to those unavoidably affected by your acting so distinctly on behalf of one agenda over another. Please don't put yourself in a position that invites any other person to question your choices, plant corrupting seeds of doubt, or try to talk you into something else. Didn't you already have those conversations? If you're utterly resistant to what I've written and would argue that this discussion isn't over, then can you at least table it until the second week of June… and give yourself time to reflect on why everything hasn't yet been said?