Gemini This Week

Your present year-in-the-making breakthrough is all about emotional authenticity, Gemini. Or hadn't you gathered that by now? To listen to what's true for you—what you need to feel safe and cared for, what 'home' means to you and how to deliberately foster it, how to best make sense of your ancestral roots and/or familial relationships in a way that supports your own well-being—necessarily involves larger doses of private alone-time, to ensure your self-understanding doesn't become impinged upon by others' agendas and/or your own impulse to maintain 'easygoing' relational flow. Yes, there's a direct link between (1) responsibly holding good interpersonal boundaries and (2) accurately hearing your heart's wise requests. If you cannot own all parts of yourself in your dynamic with a certain someone, you should treat that relationship accordingly… and not try to invest so much energy in a coupling which won't return the favor with an equally unabashedly affirming embrace of you. If it is an affirming partnership, on the other hand, this is your chance to get more serious with it… by working out those supposedly 'smaller' issues you've been reluctant to 'make an issue of' when they are indeed issues for you. In honor of the eclipse-charged pivot occurring this week, recommit to cleanly and clearly proceeding toward what authentically suits your unique emotional landscape—without being scared of discovering who can and can't support your self-care interests.