Gemini This Week

You’ve been grappling with unconscious impulses for the past few years, with disruptive Uranus in your subliminal sector. And with tumultuous Pluto in your perspective zone, your outlook has been shifting as a result of visceral, sometimes painful, experiences. This week, these two heavyweights battle each other for the last time in a feud that’s been going on since 2012. The rebellion in your subconscious and the evolution of your conscious beliefs have created tension in your head. Hopefully by now you’re feeling wiser about the world and more accepting of the fact that even a stable Taurus gets the urge to shake things up now and then. Consider any endings that you’ve gone through and how they might be for the best. Fear can make you hold on and eventually experience a painful loss, whereas letting go can facilitate a rebirth. Repressed truths have bubbled up, and old ideas have slowly died off—and all of it is pushing you into the future. Focus on your growth rather than on the external events precipitating it. Vow to increase your consciousness. The solar eclipse in your network zone and Venus’s arrival in Taurus should put you in a social mood. It’s a good time for making new friends and joining a group related to your interests or goals.