Taurus This Week

Let’s begin with the eclipse, which puts a shadow over a career, university, unpaid work or full-time parenting matter. You will see it (or rather not see it) Wednesday through Friday. Eclipses are a big deal in astrology and are always a cover-up, either partially or wholly. Why make big choices or take grand slam action when you are not being shown everything in the clear light of day? Taurus, this is also your last best chance to sign off on the world of pregnancy, babies, children, younger adults, or youth projects. You have until September 9th to use the solution or opportunity, and this week to really focus on the other person and her (or his) personality. There is an epic solution waiting for you so seek the wisdom. The wise old owl in your world knows all, sees all and may even tell all, if you are lucky. Just allow for the situation with the young, to go back and forth until October. This also applies to lovers who could get you pregnant, make you a step-parent or an Aunt or Uncle by marriage one day.