Taurus This Week

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Mercury returns to your sign early this week, Taurus, carrying with it a renewed capacity to constructively think on your feet, identify fresh alternatives to deadlocked conditions, and confidently communicate about your ideas with the other players. At the same time, this changing astro-climate could also alleviate some of the inner anxious tension which has been contributing to your sense of needing new ideas or innovations… potentially encouraging you not to rock the boat or reinvent the wheel, but to instead return to the familiar routine and keep doing things as you've been doing 'em. But I don't recommend letting this opportunity to actively evolve your practical processes slide, just because what so recently felt like a 'critical crisis-point' is now mellowing back into an 'area for potential improvement' to address at some undefined future moment. Any such tacit decision to delay progress is resting atop an undercurrent of escapism, as if you've somehow earned the privilege of not-dealing by having weathered the latest round of chaos. Postponing the inevitable—and prolonging the existence of a less-than-satisfactory method—is more a burden on your consciousness than a 'privilege'.