Taurus This Week

Uranus has been in Aries battling Pluto in your ambition angle, creating friction between internal changes and external ones. This week, they meet up for their final round, exacerbating that friction. You want to be free to carve out your own identity, and you’re probably in the midst of redefining yourself in fits and starts. Shaking your life up has been both exciting and stressful. The shift in your life direction is slower and not as under your control as you’d like it to be. Having to work within a system in order to achieve something substantial in the world can make you feel tremendous pressure at times, giving you the urge to rebel. As Uranus and Pluto move on from their fight, imagine how you can be true to the person you’re becoming while attaining a version of success that continues to evolve. A solar eclipse at the end of your chart stimulates your intuition, your spiritual side and your need for some peace and quiet. But with the sun arriving in your sign, you won’t be feeling low-key for long. Your energy revs up, allowing you to make a strong impression and to devote your attention to what’s best for you in the year ahead. Happy birthday!