Taurus This Week

Be a lover, Taurus, with every ounce of your adoring being. Love what you're doing, and who you're doing it with. Love your body, with all of its marvelous distinguishing marks. Love this place, that plate of food, these words I've lovingly written to you as a reflection of my unique self… and return my favor to the universe, our sacred well of heartfelt expression, by sharing your own loving words as paeans to everyone and anything you adore. This is more than your standard practice of conveying gratitude as a self-serving means to a better mood, but a representation of what is right and proper in the world, a profoundly impactful belief-system it's hard for anybody to argue against. Please don't, however, become so intoxicated with impudently trumpeting an All-is-One message of universal love that you actually offend someone (the exact opposite effect of what you'd presumably be intending to inspire) by accidentally erasing the specificity of their experience, glossing over the nuanced ways in which your heartfelt gesture doesn't speak for them, and/or disregarding the inconvenient reason why they might be upset. Offset that possibility by forthrightly situating yourself in the center of your lovefest, rather than infringing on others' rights to not feel so damned loving right about now… or insinuating they should feel any other way than how they in fact do.