Pisces This Week

PISCES (February 19-March 20): Stay on task and self-focused, Pisces. Part of your ongoing Saturn-in-the-10th responsibility is to sustain an ongoing emphasis on your life's work, your professional (or other public-world) calling, and/or any obligations to organizations or enterprises to which you've hitched your future. Throughout this prolonged period, you simply don't have the luxury of setting this responsibility aside just because something else important may be simultaneously occurring. You won't truly be able to make up for any of this vital time later, should you unwisely take your eye off this ball now and swerve toward less concretely constructive matters. Be particularly on guard against getting swept up into meandering heart-to-hearts with confused or emotionally volatile individuals about hypotheticals or potentials, memories or prognostications, wishes or fears. Such aimless confessional exchanges aren't intrinsically undesirable in themselves—they certainly have their appropriate time and place—but are presently too likely to unground you, at this moment when you need all the pragmatic grounding you can get. I repeat: Stay on task and self-focused. With so much going on around you and/or in the lives of people you love, this is a trickier point along your continuing path to prouder self-actualization.