Pisces This Week

PISCES (February 19-March 20): This week, a prominently aspected Saturn-in-your-10th is your critical signal, Pisces, to remind yourself what you've been working hardest to accomplish over the past couple years… and to make doubly sure nothing you're currently drawn to or headed towards is going to undermine or compete with that hard work. Even as you're weighing offers and/or considering potential alternatives with the most open-ended, noncommittal attitude, please notice anything that spontaneously emerges during the casual exchanges related to such possibilities which simply hits you weird. You may not know exactly why some cursory comment or offhand mention isn't sitting well with you, but it's likely to have something to do with an underlying incompatibility between whatever's now on the table and your own previously-existing goals. By the second half of the week, any nagging discomforts or odd annoyances may begin to take shape into a fuller emotional agitation—and that, despite its not-so-pleasantness, will help you better see what's feeling not-quite-right. Don't raise the topic yet; it's still cohering.