Pisces This Week

And so you go into a week when not only Venus, but also Chiron and Ceres are in Pisces, your own sign. Venus is the Roman goddess, adapted from the Greek Aphrodite, who was famously concerned with her mirror. You will often see Venus painted, nude (as usual) gazing at her reflection. I mention this, because to see Venus in your First House of image, appearances, photography, film and the rest is interesting. Attractiveness really is a currency and it concerns you this week. It buys you various things - time, attention, popularity, power - and there is no point in wishing it was any different. Looks matter. Your packaging is your advertising, and the product within may now be at the centre of your plans (secretly) but all we are seeing out here in the real world is your hair, face, body, wardrobe and accessories. Chiron has been in Pisces for a very long time, so you periodically have these major issues about who or what 'owns' you, in terms of your reputation or appearance. The internet has a great deal to do with this, because it has evolved during the long transit of Neptune in Pisces, which describes the lack of boundaries, the weird fish-tank atmosphere of corporations like Facebook, and the staggering lack of privacy. I am sure you have already had one unforgettable episode where your reputation or branding concerned you very much - and you were only too aware of how wild a place the internet actually was. Now, you are shifting gears with this issue. What will come up for you this week is an answer. This answer, about your name, face, reputation and so on, will involve compromise. You must park yourself in a strong position where you can make the right deal about 'Me' and all that 'Me' means to you. There is a fundamental question here about empowerment and it will be solved. A shopfront does an awful lot for a business. Just ask Fortnum & Mason or Barney's.