Pisces This Week

Standing behind whatever you publicly say, Pisces, could subject you to some uncomfortable responses from folks compelled (for whatever psychologically-tangled reason of their own) to rip your words out of context and/or take them to mean something you certainly didn't intend… and, potentially, to even call your character into question. Though you may be momentarily stunned by their unjust appraisal, you mustn't let those feelings dissuade you from fighting for your good name. You are not only allowed to defend yourself, but it'll actually model great leadership in the face of antagonism—but only if your defense is as professionally presented as all your other outward communications presently ought to be, strictly focused on the particular matter you originally remarked upon, and without any potshots or low-blows aimed at personally hurting the other party. Whether conscious on their part or not, they probably want you to react in an overtly emotional manner that would throw you off your game, losing control of yourself enough to give them the upper hand. Don't play into their bait by running your mouth or running away from the situation. By simply reiterating the basic message you'd been trying to drive home all along, you'll demonstrate unflappable clarity… and an absolute refusal to make this into something it really doesn't need to be.