Aquarius This Week

Uranus in your roots angle has been arguing with Pluto in Capricorn since 2012, and this week they have it out one last time. Changes in your home life or family have rocked your foundation, and personal emotional upheaval has further destabilized you. You’ve had the urge to rebel against your tribe and break free from the past. You’re not tightly bound to childhood patterns anymore, and your concept of security has been altered as you become more independent and stop relying so much on what used to provide comfort. Pluto has triggered an overhaul of your old identity, and that’s having a major impact on your ego. The lord of the underworld tends to dredge up the deep, dark stuff that scares us, and our natural response is to try to control. In your case, you’re probably attempting to keep a firm grip on your emotions, your environment and your interactions. You’re also more ambitious than ever, but you’re better off focusing on transforming yourself from within so as to be a force for good in the world than you are striving to conquer the world. Align yourself with the changes going on in your life, and face your upsetting feelings and mysterious inner workings rather than obsessing over fighting foes and maintaining power in the outer world. Your real power is within.