Aquarius This Week

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Don't let an irrational worry prevent you from interrupting an otherwise pleasant moment of socializing, Aquarius, if the so-called 'pleasantness' rests on someone else inferring that their thoughtless remark, permissive ignorance, or casual offense is okay with you when it's not. By all means, interrupt. If you don't, then you might instead be signing on as an implicitly willing accomplice to some sentiment that goes against a principle in which you believe strongly… painting a problematic portrait of you, since it flies in the face of how you've outwardly characterized yourself. Regardless of any anxiety you harbor about the potential relational ramifications of publicly disagreeing with this person, you must, first and foremost, strive to be proud of yourself. And putting forth your best self has nothing to do with how somebody else may react to you being you. Once they do react, however, you can choose to 'agree to disagree' (which, once you've clearly had your say, is probably the right way to go)—or continue having it out, knowing nothing edifying or fruitful is apt to develop (and it's just likelier to go downhill from there).