Aquarius This Week

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Please utter a friendly 'howdy!' to Mars, who'll now be poking and prodding at your sign (through mid-December) to just fucking DO it already, Aquarius… then, get off your duff and put actual physical effort to all those ideas which have been antsily swimming around your brainball, waiting for manifestation. It would be fair, of course, to announce what you're going to do to those friends or community-members whose immediate relations to you will be impacted, since they haven't been living inside your head and are probably less informed about your current mindset than you might realize. But don't look to them for either resounding reassurance or constructive criticism (though they may have smatterings of both on offer), since, honestly, you're pretty much past the sensible point of expecting others' reactions and reflections to hold much sway in defining your most self-suiting path forward. I repeat: Looking to others for affirmation, advice, or guidance at this moment is more of a doubt-driven distraction than a shrewd move, mainly because nobody else but you can put the decisive act(s) into motion—and is there really anything left but to just fucking DO it already?