Aquarius This Week

The Sun clashes with the Moon Wednesday-Friday in your sign. This is about your title. Your reputation and photograph. Your face, shape or wardrobe. Your car, if your car defines your image. Your profile and persona. Skip that period for major decisions or action plans. Not only are the Sun and Moon opposite each other, the Moon is in shadow, because we have an eclipse. Nothing is clear. You also need to time your business interests, salary, property interests, charity or possessions right. Allow until 7th October for the absolute last delivery of what was expected or anticipated – or at least, the end of the matter, if something was never really going to happen. Do all you can to make or save a fortune by September 9th as your Jupiter luck stops then, and so does the protection. In the meantime, trust in the fact that even the screw-ups now have a benevolent cosmic purpose.