Capricorn This Week

If you do indeed want to take the collaborative risks which, as I've been repeatedly pointing out lately, offer you the biggest promise for evolutionary growth and profit, Capricorn, you will likely have to take the pivotal signaling step toward the other person(s). 'Why can't they make the proactive move?' you might wonder. Simply put, because, by your very nature—or is it because Pluto-in-your-1st continues to add an intimidating air to how you're often received?—you probably seem like you've already got your shit figured out and aren't especially amenable to joining forces, listening to feedback, or accepting help. This doesn't mean, of course, that any such perceptions or projections are actually true… but, when it comes to developing or deepening interpersonal intimacy, none of that matters. What does matter, more than pretty much anything else, is establishing mutual trust. And one clear method for doing so is the quintessential removing-of-masks, pulling-down-of-pants, and showing-of-cards. While you needn't confess your most personal secrets, or every last fear and worry which might impact this burgeoning connection, you'd greatly support its progress by intentionally flashing some significant vulnerability during this getting-better-acquainted part of the process. If you wish to attain that type of vibe, you ought to make the first move.