Capricorn This Week

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): The present value of self-serving serious-mindedness continues to be high, Capricorn… as does, alas, the present temptation to react swiftly and sharply to others' motions or maneuvers which impinge upon or threaten your capacity to concentrate on these personal interests. Without a doubt, patience must been seen as your primary self-protective virtue, for too provocative or incendiary a response to any interpersonal situation is liable to create more of a distraction (because of all the extra energy you'll end up giving it, as you process all the details of the blow-up with them and/or regretfully play it all back in your head) than if you just gritted your teeth and refrained from letting 'em have it. In fact, part of being patient is allowing for a certain amount of frivolous chatter to occur, should you cross paths with anyone who, by nature of being a fellow human being, deserves all the social respect that proper protocol calls for. Wholeheartedly going through those motions also serves your own interests, albeit indirectly. If you don't feel you can muster that sort of patience, then I advise staying largely away from anybody who might trigger you.