Capricorn This Week

Please don't hassle yourself, Capricorn, if you find your 2016 turns out to be more introspective, isolating, and/or inactive than you might've hoped. Such periods of 'down-time' are a natural part of every vital life-cycle, and should be treated like they are just as important to your overall progress as more tangible work-modes. Astrologically, this moment of relative retreat is represented by karmic-lord Saturn's transit through your 12th (which extends through all of '16 and '17), a paring-down and clearing-away on the psychic level in preparation for more decisive, defining action once Saturn crosses into your sign. Therefore, it's futile to fight against any mysterious lacks-of-initiative and/or dips-in-mood, as such conditions provide an ideal setting for burning off old upsets and residual disappointments… a necessary step in drawing clear dividing-lines between your outdated past and your current reality. The first two-thirds of 2016 is an excellent occasion for study, travel, and/or philosophic reflection, with the deliberate intent to expose yourself to foreign ideas and fresh outlooks. If a former incarnation is in the midst of falling away, then you'll naturally want to seek out inspiring purposes and principles to guide the emergence of the new-and-improved you. Even in the midst of this greater introspection, I must caution you against forsaking essential interpersonal contact, as if you cannot manage to stomach the trifles and superficialities of obligatory social interactivity and, thus, try to opt out. Don't underestimate the value of basic social exchange; it might seem 'pointless' to you at times, yet nonetheless plays an integral role in keeping you sane, stable, and connected. (But don't go too far the other way either: Excessive socializing will distract you from the spiritual skin-shedding task at hand.) A huge astrological shift occurs in September, when Jupiter lands in your career house (the 10th), dynamically opening up a greater potential for expansion, evolution, and excitement in this zone… but it'll be up to you to grab that ball and run with it. Late September through early November is your most energetic, industrious period all year. Get things moving and grooving at that time, and ride the professional momentum well into '17.