Capricorn This Week

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): I find this incredibly strange advice to be offering you of all people, Capricorn, but here goes: Keep yourself productively occupied, with industrious on-the-job efforts and health-supporting initiatives and reenergizing completion of half-finished projects. You're usually the last one I'd need to goad into working hard, and it's not like you're presently lacking the bodily oomph required for such a productive orientation. Yet, I detect a temporarily activated part of you who's really craving some good old-fashioned peace and quiet… which in itself isn't an unseemly urge, of course, except for the fact that indulging in too much of it now would, unfortunately, be a somewhat badly-timed squandering of promising outside-world opportunity. Because you're ordinarily so responsible about putting the pursuit of critical goals ahead of personal relaxation, you may try to convince yourself that it'd be fine to flip that order for a moment. It is fine; just not this moment. Nothing bad will necessarily happen if you don't work to your potential. You just might miss a good shot to make significant headway on your ambitious climb.