Capricorn This Week

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Having made your stylistic preferences or affection-inspiring desires known (whether by happenstance or design) over the course of these past couple weeks and/or in the early days of this one, Capricorn, there won't much else to do about them from the latter part of the week forward. Your challenge, in fact, is to not probe (whether directly, implicitly, or intuitively) into anyone else's psychic-field in an attempt to determine if their undisclosed wants and/or unclear interests align with where you are. Please leave well enough alone, not only out of respect for their discretion but also to spare yourself the subconscious scrambling effects of blurring your feelings with theirs. At this point, it'll be up to them to gravitate closer to, or farther away, from you in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, you're veering into a busier moment on the chores-and-tasks front, which ought to demand a major attention-shift away from less concretely constructive items… at the same time Merc-rx falls backwards into your 4th, favoring silent contemplations over dynamic externalized dialogue, another signal to let things be for now.