Capricorn This Week

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): It's more pressing that you do something fun for yourself this week, Capricorn—and that you define 'fun' according to your own terms, not by any external standards—than bend over backwards to appropriately suit other people's expectations. It's also totally fine to respond to anybody's obvious desire to engage, supposed need for an explanation, and/or prying questions about situations that don't directly involve or interest you with a cordial, 'I don't have much to say [about that] at the moment.' In fact, these two declarations have more in common with each other than may first be apparent. That's because what you have to 'say' at the moment isn't necessarily verbal, nor especially interactive… and it sure as hell doesn't involve pandering to someone else's attention-deficits, justifying your own behavior, or drenching yourself in a sea of others' tangential dramas. 'Speak up' instead for what genuinely appeals to you, through the non-discursive action of doing those very things. By assigning your attention there, you'll make an effective statement about your self-chosen priorities.