Capricorn This Week

Capricorn, it’s been virtually impossible for you to write anything in stone about your profile, title, brand, personal appearance, image and the rest. You have been in a state of flux since December and it is only now that you probably feel you can settle into a new way of being yourself, and also packaging and presenting yourself. You must now make decisions about the way you look or appear, that will mean a binding commitment. The next few weeks will present you with a solid opportunity for your Me Agenda and you will need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages quite carefully. As you have been forced to sit and wait for any real outcomes for yourself, for almost two months, you have also had a chance to learn about who/what would put you in control. Equally, you’ve been finding out about the business of giving your power away, or handing your control over. I doubt you’ll want the rest of 2017 to be like that so it does seem that a new promise to yourself is coming.