Capricorn This Week

Knowing when—and how—to 'leave well enough alone', Capricorn, is a wisdom you're very actively in the process of learning. Truths which may be self-evident to you, for example, sometimes must emerge in other people's consciousness of their own accord and digestible timeline... and should you instead try to force them to understand before they're able, you'll just come off as the sharp-tongued villain (while they perhaps spend an even longer time coming to it themselves, due to the resistance you evoked in them). So while certain moments of tongue-holding are therefore quite obviously preferable, that does not mean your total absence from the relevant social exchange would be wise. On the contrary, you still have your part to play in the delicate dance of supporting others in the continuing development of their ideas (since, as friends or colleagues or community-mates, where they eventually land will surely impact you)… only, more with an encouraging presence and open-ended (not leading) questions, rather than insistent instruction or some unilateral game-plan. If you find yourself contending with impatience about their pacing and/or their undue concern for some detail you find petty or beside-the-actual-point, that's when you need to excuse yourself for a few—and switch your own focus to another preoccupation, some not-yet-fully-formed concept you're still batting around in the back-recesses of your private imagination, a zone where you can keep going without having to wait for anyone else to catch up.