Aries This Week

Now is a far more appropriate time than last week would've been, Aries, to actively draw other people into the conversation. Thanks to both Mercury and Venus taking temporary residence in your 11th, you're better positioned to apply a more widely relatable outlook, diplomatic tone, group-process orientation, and/or sincere open-mindedness—and, as a result, to receive the imminent feedback (good, bad, and/or ugly) that's an essential element of any effort which requires you to work together with partners or a team. You can expect a lot of earnest, lively engagement on the topic at hand… which should be seen as a good thing, if you can withstand the potential for dissent without immediately barreling head-on into some seemingly unavoidable battle-of-wills. As difficult as such feelings may be to contain (because, hell, you really care about getting this whole thing just right, and could bear legitimate frustration toward those who have invested less than you, yet still hold the power to remark or dispute), I strongly recommend carving out some distance between your emotional responses and the hopefully relatable, diplomatic, open-minded tenor this important discussion warrants.