Aries This Week

You will never be in possession of all the informational and experiential details required for the 'full' understanding, Aries. And neither will anybody else. Such unerringly comprehensive an awareness is reserved for divinities and other life-forms beyond this dense, fractured dimension. I love philosophic self-assuredness as much as the next guy—in fact, at this juncture, it's quite critical for you to understand what you consider right and wrong, what is and isn't important to you, and which cherished values are driving you forward—but please don't too liberally extrapolate out the applicability of what you know, as the frameworks which make sense to you may not be relevant to or resonant with others. Conviction is one thing; smugness is quite another. Not only do those with differing opinions or viewpoints have a right to make up their own minds, but the Universe's most optimal evolutionary outlook may well depend on it (though we, of course, can't know that since neither of us are gods). While you presently need to be sure enough of yourself to keep pointing at your chosen grail, you needn't drag anyone else along on that particular quest. Actually, your willingness to acknowledge its particularity—rather than preaching its universality—could help you release built-up tensions with someone who, at least for now, disagrees with you.