Aries This Week

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Everything I wrote in last week's edition continues to hold very true, Aries, through much of your week. But then, the astrology shifts rather markedly between Thursday and Friday (Apr 20-21), putting the still-retrograde Mercury back in your sign while catapulting your ruling provocateur Mars into your 3rd… and, quite abruptly, that 'grounding self-preservation' attitude I endorsed is likely to become too difficult to maintain and/or no longer quite as applicable, in light of the growing impulse to jump right in to any exchanges or interactions which spontaneously call out for your input. For the record, this Mercury-Mars combo (which persists beyond this week) is not soft, subtle, or sweet. Rather, it comes off with quite a bit of self-assertive moxie, brashness, and force. If you've got a personal stake in any conversation (or even just a wild hair up your ass that particular moment), however you choose to chime in will make an impact of some kind—though you might not be able to reliably control its specific tone. Is that a potential liability? I'll let you make that determination.