Aries This Week

ARIES (March 21-April 19): This is an excellent time to recruit supporters, collaborators, or teammates, Aries… provided, that is, you are utterly upfront about the role you are interested in playing. Using the current astrology to take the lead in nurturing new connections and/or cementing alliances could help you integrate the contrasting motives I mentioned in your last horoscope: You can continue pursuing whatever's in your interest (i.e., that aim you'd seek support with or camaraderie in) and assist other people in mobilizing their own momentum. In the most successful instances of such an approach, everybody will win. But what it'll also entail is carefully weighing which objectives are worth holding a firm uncompromising stand over—and which might be somewhat negotiable and/or not critical enough to make a big stink about. You needn't (and therefore shouldn't) expect to be perfectly in sync with everyone you share a certain pastime, preoccupation, or enthusiasm with. Working together with others toward a common purpose often involves bridging personality glitches, political disagreements, clashing styles, and/or different ways of processing information. Those who can't do that are unfortunately doomed to isolate themselves.