Aries This Week

This is the last moment (for a little while, at least) in which it's really worth investing your all in the continuing outward dialogue, Aries… in advance of your shifting away from this socially interactive, this-is-how-what-you're-doing-and-what-I'm-doing-necessarily-impact-each-other confab, and toward a more relatively retracted, wordless self-containment. So please make it a good one, in terms of posing every last relevant question (though you may be scared of hearing the answer) and proffering your unreserved opinions while there's still time to imprint your directional influence (even as it could raise painfully uncomfortable awareness of a major disagreement or hitch heretofore underexamined). Following whatever emerges from the week's negotiations and/or showdowns, you'll gain nothing more from prolonging the discussion at this juncture… and instead will move into a moment where forward advances, which reflect your commitment to a certain mission or passion or principle, are ready for you to make 'em. Next week begins your statement-level next step, action-based rather than insubstantially verbose. Looking out over the months ahead, of course you will return to the bargaining table—but not before you've actually done something else, giving you and the other party something more to talk about.