Aries This Week

One thing very quickly leads to another, especially if you're having a good time and the conversation is rolling nicely along and you really seem to like the particular company you're keeping… and then, before you know it, someone throws out an initially kooky-sounding idea which, the more you discuss it, doesn't sound nearly as kooky as it does cool as shit and increasingly kinda-sorta compelling… and, if you continue following that road as far as the symbiotic fervor leads you, Aries, you arrive somewhere far stranger and more exotic than you'd ever anticipated ending up… but (and here's the big but) you now must contend with certain inextricably-associated 'extenuating circumstances' you hadn't banked on, whether an already-existing hindrance you brought with you (though conveniently overlooked during the high-points of your shared enthusiasm) or a brand-spankin'-new one you created in the process (by getting too far into bed with someone who suddenly has a hold on you). Nothing about this hypothetical scenario I just laid out, in describing how this current astrology is liable to play out if you aren't paying proper attention, is necessarily 'bad'. It simply has the potential to pull you off-track—and into undue complexities or contortions—if you don't remember which track you said you wanted to be moving down in the first place.