Aries This Week

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don't permit a bountiful release of information, passionate opinion, or heated exchange to go so far, Aries, that you say more than you meant to and/or betray your principles in the process. Maybe you won't be aware enough of the power differential at play in a given interaction… leading you to inadvertently offend an important player, lord your influence over someone with less of an advantage, and/or otherwise dishonor the chain-of-authority. Or perhaps the stream of expressed sentiments will gush forth so voluminously, you'll miss the serious repercussions of certain utterances, the distinctions between innocent chitchat and ideas-with-consequence having gotten lost in the feverish flood. Whatever the scenario, I hope you will stop yourself from making any statement (even when you think 'statement' sounds too formal to accurately describe your glib gibber-jabber) that you'll likely wish to take back later. There are no do-overs. Before you speak it aloud, you might ask yourself (1) why you want to say it, (2) if it could be heard as an overshare, a threat, an attack, or a piece of gossip, and (3) whether saying it is worth the risk.