Aries This Week

You're due for a modest reprieve from the recent introspection, introversion, and/or emotionality, Aries. By mid-week, you ought to be more than ready for an injection of light-hearted, soul-lifting, guffaw-inducing playtime… and just as ready to put a resounding voice behind your personal desires, so others are undeniably clear about what you want. More than a mere fun-sparking influence (although that's pretty damn good in itself!), the coupled arrival of Venus and Mercury to your 5th also makes it a better-than-usual moment to clear the air with your children, directly express your love and support (rather than assuming it already should be obvious), and enjoy an extra-special activity or two together. In addition, creative types can look for a fresh surge of aesthetic inspiration to sweep over their works-in-progress, breathing in new life where style has grown stale. And we can't forget to mention the enhanced romantic advantage you'll hold, making it easier to attract admirers wanting to know more about you. The only caveat? All these immediately-available good times won't miraculously nullify the other heavier stuff you're still dealing with. Should you 'escape' into the fun too completely, you'll only further embroil yourself, in the long run, in whatever else you're trying to ditch out on.