Aries This Week

It's essential to keep your eye on the prize throughout 2016, Aries… but it remains to be seen whether the 'prize' typically equated with higher honors, greater worldly authority, or more power is a token-of-success you'll also sincerely find mentally interesting, philosophically meaningful, and/or personally gratifying beyond the impressive appearances. The first two-thirds of your year continue a trend of your deliberate increases in everyday effort having a direct (and gorgeously synergistic) positive impact on your ability to achieve huge strides in your longer-term aspirations. Yet, investing too much unconsidered effort to press forward down that familiar road you've been traveling for a while now could prove a waste of energy if, at the same time, you're quietly questioning 'what it's all for' or whether you're setting yourself up for greater burdens (and less of a capacity to appreciate your day-to-day existence) later on. For the record, I am not telling you you're heading the wrong direction. You are the only one who can answer that question for yourself. However, this year is the time to be asking such questions… and to spend a significant chunk of reflective attention on answering them from different perspectives, beyond your usual logic-systems, factoring in broader-minded values and/or spiritual callings as well as more obvious practicalities, listening to your heart's whispers even when your rational mind cannot make so-called 'sense' of the irrational truths they carry. Developments associated with your ruler Mars's retrograde during the first-half of '16 will likely contribute to this contemplative process, as you're liable to find yourself halted in your hasty tracks by reemerging relational hitches, recurring financial challenges, and/or other glaring reminders that the unceasing collision between, and interpenetration of, our different psychic realities ensures nothing is ever as cut-and-dry as we may wish. As a result, your understanding of the role other people play in whether your life is ultimately rewarding—regardless of how 'successful' you might otherwise become—is due to grow, once Jupiter hits your relationship house (the 7th) in September, complicating, hopefully to your benefit, the too-simple formulas by which you'd previously trying to make defining decisions.