Sagittarius This Month

Sheer brilliance! That’s what you’re feeling in February, as the Sun moves through Aquarius, your third house of communication and ideas, until the 18th. Your curious sign will thrive in this intellectually active climate—so get to brainstorming! Sit down with your savviest mates for idea-generating sessions, batting around concepts, potential projects and inspired thoughts. This is an excellent time to pitch ideas and projects, too—your powers of spin are at an all-time high. If you’re job hunting, schedule interviews (even informational ones) while you have the added gift of gab.

With all this mental action, chances are good that you’re going to be multitasking a lot. And actually, the buzzing of your smart phone works for you—all kinds of input actually helps you be your very best. Socially, you’re in demand (and as hilarious as ever). Since the third house rules local action, you may be gung-ho about getting involved in your local environs, perhaps joining the local community board or Friends of the Library committee. Your fun, witty approach to everything you do will win you fast friends. Think of the kindred spirits in your life—then make some plans! During this period, you also have a special affinity for teaching and learning. Perhaps you’ll take or even lead a workshop. Or maybe you’ll share your insights and wisdom via the blogosphere or a new social media channel.
BUT, do watch what you post, tweet, share, and espouse until February 11, while communicator Mercury is retrograde (backward) in Aquarius, your expressive third house. During this time, there can be many misunderstandings and communication #fails, especially via the written or spoken word. Just because you have a hunch that a joke or quip is hilarious, doesn’t mean the rest of the world (or even just your colleagues) will be laughing. It’s not like you to censor yourself, but during this dicey period, think twice before putting something out there that you just can’t take back.

Ready to hit the road, Sag? On February 3, the Leo full moon blazes in, arm-in-arm with expansive Jupiter (your ruler), firing up your ninth house of travel, study and fresh horizons. Whether you go back to school, launch your own side venture or start planning a ‘round-the-world jaunt, an unforgettable journey awaits, Sagittarius! Since the ninth house rules the higher self, you may find resolution with a spiritual or philosophical matter that’s been troubling you. Perhaps you pick up a thought-provoking book and have an epiphany. A “big idea” that wound into your consciousness six months ago could also come to fruition. Since the ninth house rules bluntness (your not-so-secret weapon), this full moon could also inspire a moment of truth. Is there something you’ve needed to say, but held back? If so, now you could start the ball rolling for an honest dialogue. You know the saying: the truth shall set you free!

Since the full moon is also forming a trine (120-degree angle) with out-of-the-blue Uranus in Aries, your fifth house of romance, you could end up packing your bags for amour, possibly with someone overseas or from a different cultural background. Or perhaps you’re sending someone packing, since Uranus can spark erratic behavior and surprising turns.

The heady buzz heats up on February 18, when the Aquarius new moon illuminates your third house of dialogue. This is the second Aquarius new moon in a row—the first was on January 20, so this inspirational feeling is helping you build on the new intellectual chapter you started then. If you’re plotting a project, this is a great time for brainstorming and development. Schedule a pitch meeting today, and you’ll have some added cosmic luck behind it. As a Sagittarius, you like to think big…and this is definitely the day to plant seeds around your most vital insights, possibly through a writing or teaching project. The more you learn, the more creative your plans, so embrace the intellectual itch. You could also delve into a lofty topic that has long intrigued you (neurology and generosity, perhaps?). Spend time with peeps who stimulate you—this is not a time for obligatory dinners and forced conversation. You could naturally cross paths with people who are totally on your wavelength. The conversations you have today could plant the seeds for some exciting new plans. So…start talking!

February 18 also kicks off the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Sheep. This 12-month cycle could be frustrating, because the passive (and passive-aggressive) Sheep energy is the total antithesis of your blunt, direct Sagittarius style. You probably enjoyed the lively Horse Year that’s just ending—everyone parading around with pomp and circumstance—but you may need to use stronger filters during this woolly Sheep year, when people are much more timid about truth-telling. Foot-in-mouth disease could become acute.

Also on February 18, the Sun moves into Pisces, your domestic fourth house, heralding a nurturing and cozy time. Instead of your usual social style—being the very last one sipping martinis at the party—you’ll be more in the mood for staying home and nesting, or entertaining at your abode with a home-cooked meal. Since the fourth house rules women, female Sags will be up for quality girl-bonding time, as this receptive, empathetic energy soothes your soul. Have you called your mother lately (or connected with her energy if she’s no longer alive)? You’ll crave your tightest bonds now, including those with female relatives and children. This period is more sensitive than you’re used to, so take some time to honor your own emotions, allowing yourself to simply feel what you must feel. Being still—or luxuriating in your own creative energy—is key. You may enjoy sitting solo with a flickering candle and some dreamy music, or chilling out in an Epsom salt bath. When it comes to impeccable self-care, take your time and enjoy.