Libra This Month

Hello, you radiant creature! This month, you bring the sunshine everywhere you go, thanks to the Sun moving through Aquarius, your fifth house of fun, passion and play, until February 18. Sure, it might be cold outside (especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere), yet you have a warmth about you that can make any party or room feel downright tropical. Your joie de vivre has returned,in full force! Take advantage of this sexy, glamorous month by dressing the part—whether you go for punk rock or ingenue, you definitely should push the appearance envelope.
Not only are you feeling bolder, but you don’t mind taking center stage—performing, if you will. Given a tendency toward theatrics, don’t be surprised if you find yourself stirring up a little conflict. Maybe you want reassurance that the object of your affections really loves you. Or, perhaps your ego has been bruised. Libra, pour that dynamic energy into either building the love life you want or into a no-holds-barred artistic project. Follow your whims! During this decadent time, follow the dictate of your signmate Oscar Wilde, who said, "I can resist everything except temptation." For a fun handbook on how to misbehave with stylish abandon, pick up the new How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits, written by four savvy, unapologetic French women.

Of course, you'll want to make sure your unbridled, margarita-swilling debauchery doesn't tread on anyone else's turf with communicator Mercury retrograde (backward) in Aquarius until February 11. The fleet-footed messenger planet has been doing backstrokes in this passionate zone of your chart since January 21. Make sure you're not crossing the line from outspoken to rude. (“Oh, snap!” won’t exactly cut the diplomatic mustard if you’ve gone too far.) Watch the libations, too, as you're also not likely to self-regulate your partying tendencies during Mercury retrograde, which could lead to some, er, sloppy and embarrassing moments. An ex or a dramatic person from your past could also return. This is also an unfavorable time for radical changes to your style, because you're likely to end up as a fashion "don't”.

On February 3, the full moon in Leo lights up your eleventh house of technology and connection, bringing a swell of enthusiasm around a team project, humanitarian cause or friendship circle. You could line up with some important peeps virtually, perhaps via Instagram or some other online venue. (Hint: go to the cyberspaces where you feel most yourself.) A long-distance friendship could morph into something more, in a potentially-surprising turn of events, as the moon is conjunct worldly Jupiter in Leo, and forms an auspicious trine with revolutionary Uranus in Aries, your seventh house of partnerships. Perhaps that WhatsApp or FaceTime chitchat blossoms into romance, or someone you meet via lively debate in the comments section of your favorite site turns out to have business-collaborator potential. To make the most of this enlightening full moon, keep it simple, and stay open!

One that note, you could find that the door to your heart bursts wide open on February 18, when the Aquarius new moon lights up your passionate fifth house. This page-turning new moon is the second in this amorous zone in your chart (the first was on January 20)—a rare double feature from la luna. Consider this a potent continuation of your fresh start in Loveland. Throw caution to the wind and wear your heart on your sleeve.

February 18 also heralds the Chinese New Year. Out goes the wild Horse, in comes the gentle Sheep. While you may have enjoyed the constant "pret-a-party" equine energy, your sensitive Libra constitution might prefer the subtler "yin" vibe of the woolly Sheep. The Horse, after all, is forever galloping off to the next adventure or schmoozing up the next stranger—and while you love to play the bon vivant, you also need restorative breaks in between engagements. Now you can settle into a more mellow groove, loading up on pampering and self-care. Ahh, that's how Libras like it.

Another good reason to rest your wings on February 18? The Sun leaves Aquarius and your wild-hearted fifth house, decamping to Pisces, your sixth house of health, wellness and organization. Out with the gin and tonics, in with the ginger and turmeric! Clean up your act and get healthy for the next month. It's time to repent for your sins from earlier this month (and hopefully you enjoyed them thoroughly!). On February 25, a connection between the revitalizing Sun and spiritual Neptune in Pisces shines a spotlight on holistic health. Book an appointment with a naturopath, check your adrenals and give your overall wellbeing a boost using the latest "green" trends or natural remedies. When it comes to your wellbeing, you’re ready to get a grip!