Virgo This Month

VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)

Mercury retrograde in Aries could indicate you are interested in creating a new business or job. You are promised success so long as you do not over commit yourself financially or energetically. The April 8th Solar Eclipse is a time when mortgages, leases and loans are favored as are all joint financial arrangements.

Blessings come to you from a partner and from those who are close to you. Venus favoring Pluto could indicate you are enjoying a remodeling or redecorating project. With the April 24th Lunar Eclipse, there could be many changes coming up for a brother or sister including a new romance and an improvement in their financial situation during the coming six months.

Virgo, April will become a month when you would like to detoxify the body. You may feel that your body is full of poisons, similarly like the air in Beijing or Delhi is full of fumes. You may drink a clear decoction of fresh nettles, green teas or grapefruit seed. What is important, that happy love and good working results can't come and stay without the feeling of harmony in your soul. And the harmony of soul is closely related to the harmony of body, especially by very sensitive people born under Virgo. The horoscope emphasizes that Virgo will appreciate peace and touch of a loved one in April (e.g. more than a medal of merit).