Virgo This Month

August 2017  Virgo Monthly Horoscope

The Virgo monthly horoscope forecasts that your sign ruler Mercury is currently in Virgo, where it will be for almost three months because of retrograde movement. This is basically a favorable period for you, when there is clarity of mind and intention, and when you can expect positive developments in many areas of your life.


August is an intense and complicated month, with a lot going on behind the scenes and outside of your influence. You have a strong ally in the form of a friend or mentor, and you may well have a robust economy. However, around mid-August the final phase of some economic restructuring needs to take place, and losses can be incurred. This could be connected with partners, who are trying to extricate themselves from looming problems. When this is done, the long-term prospects for economic growth look very good indeed.

Virgo, the last week of the month, when the Sun joins Mercury in your sign, is a time when there is a flurry of organization. Plans need to take into account that you are in a period of flux, when it is very difficult to rely on other people. You will need to confer with others, whose abilities you respect, and adjust plans accordingly. The following month is going to be a time of extremely hard work in a team.