Cancer This Month

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

The April 8th Solar Eclipse indicates you may be dealing with influential people, government people or agencies. Your job, business and career take much of your time and attention. This is a time of increased recognition or coming before the public.

Hard work is involved, overcoming obstacles, having a plan and a schedule are the things that are needed for your success. This eclipse brings you the support you have been seeking from others. The Lunar Eclipse at 4 Scorpio says, if you’re available, there is the possibility of a new romance.

If this occurs April through September, it will be an instant falling in love that has the feeling of being fated.

In April, Cancer may resemble a bat. Thus, the ideal time for self-realization may be during the night. At the same time, Cancer can think about the old sayings "fine feathers make fine birds" and "the tailor makes the man". Trees, as well as you, will bloom in the spring! The horoscope suggests that in April no one but Cancer will have the ability to redefine concepts such as "boutique", fashionable "trend", amazing "model" or breathtaking "show".