Taurus This Month

Taurus - March horoscope

TAURUS (April 19 – May 20)

You like to be comfortable, and this dynamic trend of transformation may unsettle your senses. Cultivate present moment awareness, and you can be a strong anchor in the winds of change. There is a focus on career this month. New projects may be in the visionary stages.

You are given the blueprint, the big picture, for long term projects. Your talent to build, stabilize and beautify will be called upon as the year unfolds. Run all projects through your practical side.

Communication with family members takes on a new light – it is essential to be honest and resist the temptation to save people from their own dreams. The desire for peace can easily turn to keeping other people happy to the exclusion of yourself. Know that your natural common sense acts as a grounding force for your many friends.

The faster you focus on the things you most want, the quicker you can manifest them IRL. So, what's the hold up? It's time to get a bit tougher on yourself and your commitment to what matters most to you. You've got all the attributes and skills to make progress, so don't let the recent doldrums become permanent. Pick an action that inspires you, and get to it today. Good progress will be restored thereafter.