Capricorn This Month

Capricorn - March horoscope

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)

Everyone deserves a break now and then. The only problem, Capricorn, is you may continue to run the treadmill.

If so, you can miss the opportunity for sweet reflection that leads to a new view of your life path. Avoid the temptation to be negative during the first ten days of March. Know there is a deep river of creativity within you. Ideas flow like water, and nourish the seeds of new projects.

When you take a time out to release expectations, you can revise goals with greater clarity. While you are usually the practical one, your life path benefits from sharing responsibility. This lightens your load, and frees your attention for a new lease on life.

You've been empire building again, haven't you? You Capricorns can't help climbing the ladder, furthering your interests and creating new enterprises to boost your material wealth and standing. OK, good on you. But take ownership for ALL of your actions- you know what I'm talking about... Sometimes you can upset others (and you know you're doing it). Don't be surprised when you get some 'feedback'. However, don't let it stop you with your building plans either - you're just doing what Capricorns do!