Capricorn This Month

August 2017  Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn, August is going to be a month when many of the plans you have been working towards during the year finally come to fruition. Things need to fall into place now, so that you can move on at the end of the year and come out of a period of exile or isolation. People in authority have come to appreciate your insight and experience, will lean on you more and more, and formalize professional arrangements which are mutually beneficial for both you and them.

This is also an excellent month for intimacy, sexuality and rewarding emotional interactions with charismatic partners. Patience is rewarded and people discover where you have been hiding all this time.

On the economic front, gambles pay off, investment can come your way, and there are abundant resources to share based on creative partnerships. There may however be intense interactions in mid-August because someone you are close to, like a child or lover, is under extreme pressure. This is a time when some connections based on over-dependence or economic inequality can be broken.

The August predictions also show that the last week of August is a turning point for you, and with the wind at your back, you can be sure you will soon arrive at the destination you have been longing for, which brings a tremendous boost of confidence.