Aries This Month

ARIES (March 20 – April 19)

This is an excellent month for increasing your psychic ability, relying on your intuition and going within to connect with your angels, spirit guides and the presence of God. Your body chemistry is likely to be more sensitive to food, environmental issues, drugs or alcohol, even supplements and vitamins.

On April 8th the Solar Eclipse asks you to move to your center and get ready for a whole new 18 year cycle. This one of the best times to begin something new. The universe will support you in this through October giving you the time to build and make it a success.

With the Lunar Eclipse in your 8th House and your ruler favoring Pluto, a positive change is coming that will affect you financially.

You will find relief among the trees. Resting in nature, that's what you really need. A fairy tale would not be a fairy tale if it would miss a magical golden fish – a kind of natural miracle. According to the horoscope, your wishes will come true in April, but only if you can get rid of the city's noise, technology, or the Internet in general – to relax, to free yourself. Aries, the ideal time for any change (or exchange of something for something else) is coming. Whether you're heading to the New York Stock Exchange or if you just want to take part in a neighbours clothing bazaar or just replace the colour of your household wall paint. The horoscope says that April is simply an ideal time for Aries.