Aries This Month

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Just allow the nuances of this situation to be as they are, Aries, at least for the moment. Otherwise, you risk reducing this web of complexities to a crude caricature of its truer self… due, mainly, to your inability (or, more likely, unwillingness) to tolerate an unresolved ambiguity in your relationship with a certain someone. The desire either to 'make everything okay' or to conclude, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it's decidedly not 'okay' would be motivated less by genuine concern for the overall health of the relationship than by your nervous ego's need to know exactly where it stands. If you are concerned about attaining mutual understanding or a jointly beneficial upshot, then, please don't be afraid to invite this interpersonal dance to linger past a single mood, and into various rhythm-changes. Try not to get compulsively caught up with determining the smartest or surest outcome. Instead, invest your eager engagement in the process of experiencing your connections and conflicts with this other person in the here-and-now… and letting everything unfold as it will, without decisions or determinations made upfront.