Aries This Month


As your year starts to take shape, you may find yourself concentrating more on your career ambition. Though it seems as if there is still a great deal to do, you are not daunted by the prospect of an extended campaign stretching out into the future. Your energy is up and you feel strong, willing to do battle on your own behalf and all round ready to slay dragons. For the success of your quest, however, it may be important to enlist the support of friends and supporters to help you along the way. 

With generous Jupiter currently in your long-term relationship zone, this could be time to find the kind of partner you have longed pined for, or push an existing liaison on to a new level. In any case, your relationships are looking in pretty good shape, helped along by your current generous attitude and expectation of an excellent outcome. Pay special attention on the 14th, however, when your overflowing generosity and idealistic attitude come up against adversity. Believing the best in people is an excellent approach to take into your relationships, but beware if someone sees you coming and is tempted to exploit your willingness to go the extra mile.


As Mars, your guardian angel planet, moves into ambitious, responsible, disciplined, success-oriented Capricorn, where he is very much at home on the 6th, you’ll find it easier to take steps up the mountain of your dreams. Your usual modus operandi is to pursue your passions and desires spontaneously and without much forethought. Mars in Capricorn adds practicality and organization to your bold, daring, courageous, pioneering nature. As you take each step up the mountain patiently (not your strong suit, for sure) securing your footing every step of the way with determination and conviction, you are assured that you will reach the top. As fiery Aries and earthy Capricorn are both initiating signs, you’re impossible to stop once you get going. It doesn’t get any better than an Aries Sun with a clearly defined plan and the commitment to implement it.